Republican Primary Hits Daytona 500

GOP candidates look to gain support with conservative racing fans.
3:31 | 02/26/12

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Transcript for Republican Primary Hits Daytona 500
It's your voice your vote at -- at Tuesday's big primaries in Michigan and Arizona now under way. Mitt Romney needs a -- it is crucial home state Rick Santorum is looking to push probably out of the way. Today Santorum and talking about what JFK once said about separation of church and state that the JFK's words make him throw up. Here's ABC's David -- with the moment today now making headlines. It's. Rain continues to fall here at Daytona it rained on Rick santorum's parade today is NASCAR nation billboard -- 26 sat. As the Daytona 500 was delayed by rain. But the candidate told George Stephanopoulos he did advise the driver to use his campaign strategy when he does race. I'm hoping that for the first you know maybe 3400 miles east -- way way back -- all the other folks crash and burn. And then sneak up at the end and when this thing. Mitt Romney made the trip to Florida to court these conservative race fans and look at this he ended up walking right by santorum's car. While in Detroit Romney proclaimed his affinity for cars cars admitting his wife has a couple cadillacs a couple. But no apologies today if people. Think there's something wrong with being successful America -- -- better -- for the other -- this nineteen between these two is intense with the stakes so high in what now has become a pivotal primary in Michigan. This morning on ABC's this -- Santorum reached -- even farther to evangelicals. When -- referred to John Kennedy's campaign speech in 1960. To Baptist ministers the separation of church and state. I believe in an America. What if separation of church and -- absolute Santorum said it made him want to throw up. Just say the people of faith have no role in the public square you bet that makes you throw up what kind of country do we live in that says only people of non faith. Can come in the public square and make their case that makes me throw up. Santorum's contention is that there is no absolute separation of church and state asked for Romney he picked up the endorsement of -- -- -- governor today. He's back in Michigan for the final race to -- Tuesday primary. David it currently tonight in Washington David thanks so much -- want to bring in our senior Washington editor Rick Klein tonight and Rick. -- -- the nation's governors were also in Washington this weekend and Maine's governor -- with huge backing from the Tea Party. Said that Republican candidates are so damaged now the party needs in his words. A fresh face we -- been worry inside the party but these were some pretty bold words. That's right this is an extraordinary statement from a sitting Republican governor -- page he says he wants an old fashioned convention were quote a dark course can come out and do in the fall. That is underscores what Mitt Romney has already lost in this campaign even if he wins Michigan on Tuesday any roles -- the nomination the Republican Party is more fractured than ever. Romney and Rick Santorum or Dooling in there probably leaving each other weaker as a result. And as these self inflicted party -- that take along with the -- David. Meantime Rick not surprising democratic governors heavy and rhetoric this election year to. But this also caught -- -- Montana's governor saying the four Republican presidential candidates are. Christmas packages under the tree happy about their shift to social issues and away from the economy. It's his turn to social issues that is a prime example -- primary doesn't necessarily produce the strongest candidate for general election this is supposed to be election's all about the economy that's still what Mitt Romney the front runner wanted to be. But he said if you're pretty far from that comfort zone. All right Rick -- by advocates of -- with the big picture tonight Rick -- stay with their powerhouse political team will be there. Covering the primaries in Michigan and Arizona straight through Tuesday night.

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{"id":15796938,"title":"Republican Primary Hits Daytona 500","duration":"3:31","description":"GOP candidates look to gain support with conservative racing fans. ","url":"/WNT/video/republican-michigan-arizona-primary-2012-gop-canidates-hit-daytona-500-race-fans-politics-15796938","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}