Romney Losing Ground in Home State, Michigan

Mitt Romney faces uncertain homecoming as Rick Santorum surges ahead in poll.
3:24 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Romney Losing Ground in Home State, Michigan
A homecoming that became a reality check for Republican Mitt Romney tonight wrestling with some sobering political news. Even though he was born and raised in Michigan his father was governor of the state tonight dark course Rick Santorum -- -- Not a wonderful welcome for the native son come home and ABC's David Muir is right there with them tonight David. Diane good evening and talking with a key Romney advisor late today I asked how crucial is a win here in Michigan. And here as far as they would go they said it's better to win -- to lose but impossible to game out of this point partly to competency to expect to hear now that if Romney -- home. And make no mistake political observers say if he loses here Michigan it would be huge. For native son Mitt Romney this -- -- homecoming is now his firewall. -- tries to stop the -- -- Rick Santorum detective on the campaign is aware of some of the polling showing Santorum taking the lead in Michigan. Rick Sherlund an unthinkable position the lobby sitting at a pitched battle tonight on the airwaves here. The super -- supporting bombing taking aim at Santorum Rick Santorum. Big spender. And Washington insider. But Santorum tonight firing back with his own. It is the bullet flies with of the Romney -- like this storm room inspiring and are going back. Michigan was once considered hollowed ground for Romney it's where he grew up where his father George was president of American voters in the 1950s. And later. Governor here remember going to the Detroit auto show my dad that was a big deal. Tonight Romney's hoping voters remember those routes but many blue collar voters here remember something else -- Mitt Romney said about the auto bail out. Reading this op Ed. Let Detroit go bankrupt. Arguing -- General Motors Ford and -- -- the bail out. You -- -- the American automotive industry goodbye you're all for Michigan and yes all of you had your jobs saved yes yes. For Romney is now a tricky argument after the bailout help GM and Chrysler turned their fortunes around. Romney says he always -- the auto makers going through a managed bankruptcy which is what President Obama did. But -- says -- the billions in government bailout money came with it but was a sweetheart deal for the unions. This Michigan mother was out of work fourteen months to -- she's back on the job as an electrician recently -- There were the results so for the sales -- way back where improper motive but there is the argument that it shouldn't in the government it should -- been a private -- Yes but school. Who who who have the money what private entity would have saved an industry. Oprah where -- we gonna get that kind of money for a. -- a family just close as it was just his -- -- it was the police officer the teacher to ripple effect connected to every worker on the assembly line. For me three other people would have been affected by -- and devastating. And David as we just saw it's going to be a hard so with some people in Michigan but I want -- that -- again. Romney driving around his hometown where was it running how often. What's running all throughout Michigan here in Grand Rapids where we are tonight but Diane -- -- you should ask that it's playing most heavily in Detroit. And the Romney campaign is looking to remind voters here that regardless of any editorial written a couple of years ago about letting Detroit go bankrupt. That Romney's father had rich history in the auto industry that -- cares very much about those blue collar voters that he hopes to get.

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{"id":15652700,"title":"Romney Losing Ground in Home State, Michigan","duration":"3:24","description":"Mitt Romney faces uncertain homecoming as Rick Santorum surges ahead in poll.","url":"/WNT/video/romney-losing-ground-home-state-michigan-15652700","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}