Romney, Ryan on Damage Control for Women's Vote

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan scramble to hold onto women voters amid Rep. Todd Akin's rape comments.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Transcript for Romney, Ryan on Damage Control for Women's Vote
landscape, your voice, your vote. Five days to go until the republican convention kicks off in tampa. And, a new poll out today shows it is still a dead heat. Mitt romney's running mate, paul ryan, hasn't changed those numbers. And tonight, ryan is tackling his opinion on abortion and the right to choose. Abc's jake tapper has that story. Reporter: In attention to visiting north carolina and virginia today, paul ryan fielded questions on his opposition to abortion, even, as opposed to mitt romney, in cases of rape and incest. Mitt romney is going to be the president. The president sets policy. Is policy has exceptions for rape, incest, life of the mother. I'm comfortable with it. Reporter: The obama campaign today called attention to ryan's support for a controversial abortion bill, while under current law, abortions cannot be paid for with federal funds, except in rare cases such as rape. Ryan supported narrowing that definition to include only forcible rape. But in a pittsburgh interview this morning, ryan refused to explain or even acknowledge this. You sponsored legislation that has the language forcible rape. What is forcible rape? Rape is rape, period. End of story. So, that forcible rape language meant nothing to you at the time? Le. Rape is raipe. Reporter: The obama campaign is drawing attention to these issues and not, say, 8.3% unemployment, for a simple reason. THE PRESIDENT BEAT john McCain with women voters by 13 points in 2008, and he needs an even bigger gender gap this year to win. Today, the obama campaign announced an all-star list of women from caroline kennedy to eva longoria, who will speak at their convention. Banning aboar shup would require republicans, too, in november, keep the house, win the white house and win a 60-vote majority in the senate. Plus, the president would have to appoint a new justice to the supreme court, though, that's not so remote. Keep in mind three of the justices on the court, who support abortion rights are in THEIR 70s. Diane? All right, jake tapper on politics tonight. Thank you, jake.

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{"id":17061240,"title":"Romney, Ryan on Damage Control for Women's Vote","duration":"3:00","description":"Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan scramble to hold onto women voters amid Rep. Todd Akin's rape comments.","url":"/WNT/video/romney-ryan-damage-control-womens-vote-17061240","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}