New Rules For Online Gambling?

Americans might be placing their bets from the comfort of their home computer.
1:29 | 12/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Rules For Online Gambling?
-- you know that Americans gamble as much as a trillion dollars every year and now thanks to a big change those numbers are about to -- turning your living room into a virtual casino. Here's ABC's back up. Starting now. Sin city can come right into your home. You -- you have to pay for a cab to get to the casino. All of the ills and all of the sins of gambling are multiplied. On line. Critics are reeling at the Justice Department's recent decision. Which gives states the authority to legalize online gambling and -- were about to see this explosion. Of Internet gambling sweep across the nation illegal online poker already six billion dollar a year industry say experts. Once legal just online poker alone will generate up to twelve billion dollars a year legally for the states within. Here it's. Thick crude eclipse Hollywood's annual box office home and the online gaming bonanza has already begun in Nevada and DC. We're millions of Americans can now roll the dice -- up the ante. The comfort of their own home. -- this case -- office which is part of the problem. At least -- bricks and mortar casinos you can see somebody. At a table for 36 hours you can't see somebody in their home in their underwear a drink and a soda for 3640. Hours -- An estimated fifteen million Americans are already considered at risk for gambling addiction. Now we'll have to fight that addiction had told Matt Gutman ABC news client.

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{"id":15262773,"title":"New Rules For Online Gambling?","duration":"1:29","description":"Americans might be placing their bets from the comfort of their home computer. ","url":"/WNT/video/rules-online-gambling-americans-place-bets-at-home-computer-laws-us-15262773","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}