Rush Limbaugh Apologizes: Too Little, Too Late?

Nine sponsors pull their ads after talk radio host calls Sandra Fluke a "slut."
2:21 | 03/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rush Limbaugh Apologizes: Too Little, Too Late?
It was turbulent today as conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh tried to steer through though whirlwind. He unleashed after calling a law school student speaking out about contraception quote a slot. And a prostitute one radio station canceled to show more big sponsors withdrew. And as Limbaugh apologized again the Republican presidential candidate still tried to dodge having to make tough comments about the power broker. ABC's Dan Harris has it all. The apology was sincere. A rare and public apology today from Rush Limbaugh says Sandra -- and a thirty year old law student. Limbaugh -- last week for arguing to congress that insurers should cover birth control -- She must be paid to have sex individuals slot right. -- processor and I again sincerely apologize to mr. -- For using those two words to describe. This -- -- exclusive look appeared on ABC's the view this morning and afterwards spoke to us saying Limbaugh as apology changed nothing. He said that. I was having so much sex that he was surprised I could still walk to get to Capitol Hill it's so volatile and so violence to be perhaps unforgivable. Today more companies including AOL and all state pulled their ads from the program making it at least ten sponsors. -- apparently feel -- calling a woman a slug does not -- with their marketing plan. But with fifteen million weekly listeners on nearly 600 stations across America. It may be that in the words of one expert rush is too big to fail. Meanwhile leading Republicans are essentially being called Howard for their attracted criticism of America's most powerful conservative radio host. -- Not exactly profiles in courage material. The trainer comes out and says. -- language is inappropriate. Using the salad -- for your entree that's inappropriate. As for senator -- look. She says she has heard just about enough firm Rush Limbaugh would if you were call you and say I'm I've personally want to do directly with that make it different. I -- -- be very clear that I don't want a personal phone call from him the attacks he need to -- personally on the air were enough personal contact from time. Dan Harris ABC news New York.

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{"id":15853831,"title":"Rush Limbaugh Apologizes: Too Little, Too Late?","duration":"2:21","description":"Nine sponsors pull their ads after talk radio host calls Sandra Fluke a \"slut.\"","url":"/WNT/video/rush-limbaugh-apologizes-late-15853831","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}