SEAL Team 6 Rescues Hostages in Secret Mission

Navy SEALs succeed in saving Jessica Buchanan, 32, from Somali pirates.
3:13 | 01/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for SEAL Team 6 Rescues Hostages in Secret Mission
That secret rescue mission once again pulled off by that -- -- navy seal team six parachuting in under cover of night. To save a 32 year old American woman held hostage by pirates in Somalia -- been held for months. These are images of just the Buchanan video for captives those pirates took over to prove they have -- -- his family back home fearful she'd never come back. And at last night's state of the union this first clue the presidency congratulating his Defense Secretary you could hear the president's state great job. But we now know that even as the president stepped up to that podium last night the secret mission was still under way and tonight here how did the seals pull -- this high stakes fifty minute mission. Why -- in last night the situation so dire they have to get to work. And we take you inside the training that prepares these Navy SEALs for unthinkable rescues like this one. ABC's Martha Raddatz starts us off tonight. It was heart pounding. One of the toughest kinds of missions not only -- seal team six facing enemy pirates they had to get the hostages out a line. At about 1:40 in the morning -- -- time. 5:40 PM in Washington this seal team huddled in dead darkness in the back of the C 130 as it approached a target. A remote encampment in northern Somalia. One by one this -- hurled themselves out of the played -- high altitude. Parachuting silently to within a few miles of the hideout. Within minutes after sneaking into the encampment the seals were facing a barrage of gunfire. The -- moved quickly killing all nine heavily armed kidnappers. And there in the darkness with explosives littering the compound. Where the hostages. 32 year old Jessica Buchanan and Danish aid worker -- fisted. Both outside separated by thirty to forty yards. At approximately 2:30 AM local time 6:30 PM in Washington the hostages were moved on board Blackhawk helicopters. A few minutes later at 6:45 PM in the White House the president was preparing for his State of the Union Address. When he was told the hostages were in US hands and headed for Djibouti. By 845 last night as he walked into the capital. The hostages had still not -- and Djibouti. Cameras caught this moment. President Obama congratulated. Secretary of defense Leon Panetta. Buchanan had been a dedicated aid worker focusing on. Triggering the mission. Back in Washington at 10:32 PM with the hostages confirmed safe. The president called Jessica's father to tell him his daughter was free. Jessica's family received the good news as well. Just such answered all the -- But I can hurt help her out by borrowing -- for what they do it but what they did it. The family hopes to reunite with Jessica in the next day or two after final medical evaluations. But she is said to be doing well David considering all that she has been through.

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{"id":15443397,"title":"SEAL Team 6 Rescues Hostages in Secret Mission","duration":"3:13","description":"Navy SEALs succeed in saving Jessica Buchanan, 32, from Somali pirates.","url":"/WNT/video/seal-team-rescues-hostages-secret-mission-15443397","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}