Severe Storms Threaten Midwest

The Midwest is bracing for impact as new storms and flooding are expected across the center of the country.
2:38 | 06/28/14

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Transcript for Severe Storms Threaten Midwest
severe weather. Over 20 million Americans in the threat zone this weekend. New storms brewing across the center of the country, bringing more rain to the already soggy cities, like Minneapolis, where this lake has nearly swallowed this water-side bench. 11 tornadoes reported across five states yesterday and overnight, including this ominous sight in Kansas. In the west, the fire and smoke from Arizona, where mandatory evacuations are still in effect tonight. The forecast in just a moment, but first, ABC's Linzie Janis with a look at the wreckage. There's a tornado! Reporter: Tonight, residents in kolfax, Wisconsin, bracing for fresh storms after this tornado tore through the town Friday, ripping off roofs, downing trees and scattering debris. In Minnesota, it's water, not wind, that's the enemy. As reporter josh Rosenthal from our minneapolis/st. Paul station KSTP shows us. Residents along the Minnesota river valley are banding together. Here in prior lake, wheelbarrows aren't going to cut it. They're using duck boats like this to transport sandbags, hoping to save each other's homes from flood waters that may continue to rise. Reporter: Across the midwest, rivers running high. Water from the Des Moines river rushing through these now open flood Gates. In Colorado, firefighters trying to contain a wildfire that's raged through 500 acres of rugged terrain. Further west, another fire in Arizona. This one, ten times larger and threatening 90 structures. Linzie Janis, ABC news, new York. Our thanks to Linzie Janis for that report. And joining us now is meteorologist bill Kelly from our Columbus affiliate, WSYX. And you just said that the weather only gets more extreme from here. It does. A moderate risk out tomorrow. But let me show you where it is tonight we are watching the threat. From Texas all the way up until northern Minnesota, from Amarillo, say to Minneapolis. We really need to be watching that. We're talking about the risk tomorrow, which includes very large hail. Moderate risk in central Iowa. Brief tornado. And some very strong winds. But the rain, definitely something that bears watching. We're talking about rain measured in inches in spots. Two to three inches of rain on already saturated ground throughout much of this region. So, that, too, could be a problem in addition to the severe weather. We're keeping our thoughts with them. Meanwhile, out west, a very different situation. Yeah, it's night and day. We're talking about some places that have exceptional drought conditions. That's the worst of the drought conditions. In California, about a third of the state is under that. And there are some fires that we're watching and it is going to be dry for at least another

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{"id":24351033,"title":"Severe Storms Threaten Midwest","duration":"2:38","description":"The Midwest is bracing for impact as new storms and flooding are expected across the center of the country.","url":"/WNT/video/severe-storms-threaten-midwest-24351033","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}