Shelters at Capacity on East Coast, Power Outages Hit Cape Cod

Massachusetts residents find warmth and temporary shelter during epic blizzard.
2:27 | 02/10/13

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Transcript for Shelters at Capacity on East Coast, Power Outages Hit Cape Cod
Massachusetts of course one of the hardest hit states many families tonight still living in shelters ABC -- year old -- -- Jersey went to Cape Cod tonight. Which he visited with those families and she reports in from Boston -- ginger. Good evening David 14100. People in four different states spent the weekend in some capacity. At a shelter including me appreciative folks that we met today. The crippling winds at sixty. Robbed home after home of power and heat how they still are coming about and -- It was my -- scary -- it did it scared me. It because of the wind. You know and I kept saying -- the power. And they did. -- and I -- -- made it through this -- but the cold without heat that was too much to handle. 54 degrees that's not woman I think I'm decent I'm going to get out here I'm having come from. I think you know still. They joined about 300 others here at this Red Cross shelter on -- cut their -- -- -- welcome to. Well we're glad to have thanks to go well in that thing on her. Almost forty cats and dogs lined the locker rooms of this high school turned shelter. -- seem to be very comfortable in our house has 38 degrees. What she looks like a little block of thanks Dana Dana Leahy father and son couldn't believe how cold it got after the -- Middle medicate 127 years we never had to leave the house when there was a storm. And finally my sensitivity and a -- nineteen degrees. Dana couldn't feel his feet and -- for -- like a few hours south scared tonight Bob and -- are grateful for a warm place to sleep. It's much as I wondering when a medical home that he. But this is the next -- the next best place to me. The -- families of Cape Cod we hope there's some home soon -- ginger you were telling us there are two other threats are keeping your eye on tonight. And David that first headline we have to get to is the most life threatening already a tornado I've got a picture here to show you and just got off the phone with the storm chaser who took this picture that's in Hattiesburg Mississippi. He -- facing. In southern Mississippi university when he took this just incredible pictures and video already coming out. At least ten tornadoes reported. Five injured and damage to homes and businesses we will be honest throughout the night but another storm -- -- to let you know about the top of that actually. Blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings all throughout the northern plains.

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{"id":18460003,"title":"Shelters at Capacity on East Coast, Power Outages Hit Cape Cod","duration":"2:27","description":"Massachusetts residents find warmth and temporary shelter during epic blizzard.","url":"/WNT/video/shelters-capacity-east-coast-power-outages-hit-cape-18460003","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}