Two Siblings Reunited With Help of Tech Savvy 7-Year-Old

Clifford and Betty lost contact after entering foster care, share emotional reunion after 65 years.
2:00 | 01/26/13

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Transcript for Two Siblings Reunited With Help of Tech Savvy 7-Year-Old
And finally, tonight, so much fun to join the women of "the view" this week. We all were moved by the 7-year-old boy who walked into the studio, after reuniting a brother and sister who had been apart for more than 60 years. Clifford boyson holding roses for the sister that he had been looking for for 65 years. As toddlers they were separated and sent into foster care. Never saw each other again. Two weeks ago, clutching those flowers, his long-lost sister betty came through the door. Oh, my gosh. Oh. You do have a sister. Reporter: Clifford and betty had no idea that each of them had spent decades trying to find the other. And late this week on the view, our first look at all of those letters that never made it to betty. These are the letters that clifford wrote to his sister all through the years. And you can see return to sender. It's so heartfelt. "To whom it may concern, my name is clifford boyson and I'm trying to locate any family members. I'm not contacting you for money or anything like that. Please write, talk, allow me to meet them." Two weeks ago when betty was first contacted there was no investigator, no authorities helping them out. It was someone else. No, it was a 7-year-old kid. Oh. Reporter:7-year-old eddie, waving to the crowd. Clifford's neighbor who had gone on to his mother's facebook page and began looking for clifford's sister. And this week, in new york city for his first time, he told the country why he did it. Because clifford didn't have any family at all. I wanted to help clifford find his family and sometimes clifford gets lonely. Reporter: No longer alone, planning his first family trip ever, easter, with his sister betty. Thanks to that little friend. Named eddie. He won't be lonely anymore. I think family is really important. And so does clifford, too.

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{"id":18325350,"title":"Two Siblings Reunited With Help of Tech Savvy 7-Year-Old","duration":"2:00","description":"Clifford and Betty lost contact after entering foster care, share emotional reunion after 65 years.","url":"/WNT/video/siblings-reunited-tech-savvy-year-18325350","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}