Snowstorm Moves Through Midwest

John Schriffen tracks the latest weather news across the nation.
2:01 | 02/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snowstorm Moves Through Midwest
friday night, millions of people are trying to drive home on sheets of ice. The giant snowstorm still on the move. Think of these images as a kind of sos, planes paralyzed, highways a danger zone. As one monster storm is winding down, another is powering up. Abc' john schriffen is in minneapolis where streets have become a slip and slide. Reporter: Snowy, icy roads tonight turning mush of the midwest into a deadly skating rink. Crash after crash from this monster storm. Nearly 300 accidents in minnesote. It's a mess. It's really a mess out here. Reporter: In ohio, this tractor trailer dangles precariously after it skidded up onto an overpass. H as this bus in missouri loses control, knocking down a street lamp. Even the most experienced of drivers, those long haul truckers, forced to pull over. More just keeps coming in and getting stuck because of the hot tires melting the snow and turning into ice and then you can't move. Reporter: Driving and stopping in ice is not always easy. Triple a recommends. Always giving yourself enough room to stop, make sure any car in front of you is at least eight to ten seconds away. The storm stretched more than a thousand miles bringing 18 inches of snow in some places. It was a very impressive storm, not only on the size, but what it was able to produce. Reporter: Like tornadoes. One in texas, killed a woman as it swept though her home. Nationwide nearly 1,400 flights have been canceled since the storm hit on thursday. A passenger flight in cleveland this morning, skidded off the runway as it landed. And in kansas yesterday crews used plows and shovels to dig one plane out. And back here in minnesota, this is what they have to dig out of. layers of snow and ice. Now, diane, there's another storm on the way set to the northeast this weekend. People in new england, bracing for similar conditions.

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{"id":18571116,"title":"Snowstorm Moves Through Midwest","duration":"2:01","description":"John Schriffen tracks the latest weather news across the nation.","url":"/WNT/video/snowstorm-moves-midwest-18571116","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}