Somali Pirates Make Hostage Threat

American threatened by pirates following Jessica Buchanan's Navy SEAL rescue.
2:50 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Somali Pirates Make Hostage Threat
-- new twist in that astonishing rescue of an American woman by the fearless Navy SEALs today even as Jessica the tenant is recovering from her ordeal. We learned of another American -- man taken by pirates so what should the US do about him. ABC's Martha Raddatz has the latest on this developing story Martha. Diane and hostage is an American writer who was supposed to be in Somalia only a few weeks working on a book about piracy. But tonight he is a captive of the pirates under the threat of death. And at his family's request we have learned of the writers face and will not use his name. Since that may only increase his value with the kidnappers. Seen here at a book signing the rider was grabbed by heavily armed pirates last Saturday. The kidnapping came just days before -- daring raid that say Jessica Buchanan. Who is at a US base in Italy where her family has now joined her. But Buchanan's rescue appears to have put the American writer in greater danger today a spokesman for the pirates warned any would be rescuers if they try again we will all died together. The pirates are also keeping on the move changing locations at least three times. No one will talk about the likelihood of -- rescue with him with a writer but it could be more difficult given what the pirates now know. There will be alert and they will be waiting ready -- won't be sleeping like they were before what's gonna make make it that much more difficult for our military special operations warriors. To get in there and get him successfully. It is rare for pirates to kill their hostages since they are taken for one reason only ransom. But there are signs pirates may be getting more trigger happy. Last year off the coast of Oman for Americans were killed by pirates who had taken their yacht. Even as the FBI was negotiating for their release. Paul and Rachel Chandler were luckier released after an undisclosed ransom was paid thirteen months after a terrifying kidnapping. I was -- and raise children. Drexel to my feet and a size two. Kind of -- to racial -- -- concede -- slamming the -- reichel. -- -- -- -- -- -- And they would -- -- -- convalescent. Saying just so despicable. That you'd you'd have to find -- team -- There are negotiations to try and win the war writers released a US official says there is great concern for any American held hostage. But Diane there is still hope tonight he will be released unharmed can on this developing news thank you Martha Raddatz.

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{"id":15460594,"title":"Somali Pirates Make Hostage Threat","duration":"2:50","description":"American threatened by pirates following Jessica Buchanan's Navy SEAL rescue.","url":"/WNT/video/somali-pirates-make-hostage-threat-15460594","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}