Spelling Skills in America

Spell check may be making it easier for people to forget how to spell correctly.
2:16 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for Spelling Skills in America
And finally, tonight, here, spelling. So many of us relying on spellcheck. But what about our children's teacher? K-n-a-i-d-e-l. Zbli. The winner of this year's spelling bee laughing at the word. But he gets it. K-n-a-i-d-e-l. Knaidel. So, it got us thinking today why can't the adults get it right? There was this warning on a street in kalamazoo, michigan, school ahead. The sign itself was distracting for divers. S-h-c-o-o-l and then we showed the college where they might want to go back to college. At the college world series in omaha. Workers putting in the extra "l." Tonight this, the reading list sent home to 11th and 12th graders. Long island, new york. Look at the books. Look at the scarlet letter. Scarlet has one "t" not two. If you think -- there's animal farm. Also on that list, perfect timing with that recent movie. LEONARDO DEE KiCAPRIO AS THE GREAT Gatsby. Students at this school were told to read this book, "the great gypsy." We have seen this pitcher on the mound. Cincinnati without the first "i." But somehow the children always keep us honest. When she was asked to braille. She said braille. But they told she was wrong. I didn't want to say anything, because when they tell you got a word wrong you don't argue with him. They sent her home in second place, but the crowd stood by her. They petitioned and got to send her to the next round. And night, she might have some advice for those teachers who came up with that reading list. Because we remember when she told us that. If you don't get it the first time, all you have to do is try harder the next. "Good morning america" and "this week" first thing in the

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{"id":19658734,"title":"Spelling Skills in America","duration":"2:16","description":"Spell check may be making it easier for people to forget how to spell correctly.","url":"/WNT/video/spelling-skills-america-19658734","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}