Steve Jobs Adopted

New insights detail the late Apple CEO's hidden personal life.
2:42 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Steve Jobs Adopted
And accurate home new insight tonight into Steve Jobs last week apple honored the intensely private icon. Was an intensely private ceremony apple employees only. And now a new book based on hours of interviews with jobs in the months and weeks before He died. Is shedding new light on his world his past and the parents who helped shape his destiny. Here's Nightline anchor Bill -- But his birth parents -- kept -- Steve Jobs would have grown up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. And if the couple at the top of the adoption list had kept him. He would've been raised by lawyers except and I popped out -- decided at the last minute that they really want a girl. Instead -- -- jobs in the hands of too high school dropouts in what would become Silicon Valley. But geography was only part of his destiny and as He told his biographer Walter Isaacson those adoptive parents help -- his mind from the very start. -- -- across the street had oh you were adopted that means your parents and lawn care. And calling -- adoption and enough you don't get it we picked you -- especially. In emphasized every war. That sense of being special only got stronger the -- He realized He was smarter than his father. But his dad knew -- two and when He would get in trouble at school whose parents blame the school. So Steve Jobs came of age believing the rules didn't -- him. For. Hardly a unique compulsive sixties but dropping -- -- said open his creative mind. Finding himself -- -- taught him the power of intuition. And his first foray in the business. Selling a gadget that would trip the phone company into making a free long distance call. And you were illegal as He described in the film Silicon Valley a hundred your runners on his eyes still lit up the thought of their mischief was and I actually figured out how to build one we felt the best one in the world. First digital blue book world. So the most successful capitalists the hard times started as a hit these hooligans and stay -- a Buddhist rebel. But none of that might have mattered without those two high school drop -- a mom and dad to -- in. -- love. Convinced that we -- -- -- -- -- In -- most amazing twist of fate his biological father actually ended up running a restaurant. In Silicon Valley and the -- -- unwittingly but still Steve Jobs had no interest. And what He called his sperm donor even though He later went on to abandon his first daughter for a few years. They made peace it's -- sometimes brutal portrait of a very complicated man. A little close to the mourning period for his family and close friends but. People really want to know about this gentleman.

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{"id":14806161,"title":"Steve Jobs Adopted","duration":"2:42","description":"New insights detail the late Apple CEO's hidden personal life.","url":"/WNT/video/steve-jobs-adopted-14806161","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}