Suspects in Trinity Gay Shooting Plead Not Guilty

ABC News' David Muir reports the stories people are buzzing about.
0:57 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Suspects in Trinity Gay Shooting Plead Not Guilty
The index of other news tonight three suspects facing charges for the death of an Olympic star's daughter. The men including a father and son pleading not guilty at today's arraignment in Lexington Kentucky. American sprinter Tyson gays fifteen year old daughter trinity caught in the crossfire in a restaurant parking lot. Authorities say she did not know and either suspects the family saying they believe in forgiveness. Two school buses colliding outside New York City late today police say between forty and sixty children were hurt but those buses crash into each other on the Pallisades Parkway. Children were taken to the hospital with minor injuries caused under investigation. And finally two studies about your health tonight university researchers in the UKC thirty minutes of exercise a day. Cuts the risk of type two diabetes by 26%. Researchers in New Zealand tonight say the best time exercises after a meal especially dinner they see even a thirty minute walk up dinner will help lower blood sugar levels.

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{"id":42868829,"title":"Suspects in Trinity Gay Shooting Plead Not Guilty","duration":"0:57","description":"ABC News' David Muir reports the stories people are buzzing about.","url":"/WNT/video/suspects-trinity-gay-shooting-plead-guilty-42868829","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}