Syrian Crackdown

The Syrian army attacks a peaceful protest, reportedly killing 12 people.
4:27 | 03/04/12

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Transcript for Syrian Crackdown
In Syria for the third night in a row now the Red Cross has been blocked from getting help to desperate people in the hardest hit neighborhood and homes. And tonight an eyewitness would harrowing account of what he saw and a dire warning -- what could be become here's ABC's Christiane Amanpour now. As bush -- side tries to -- the popular uprising against him. Any doubts about his regime's brutal response had been -- race. At least twelve people including five children were reportedly killed. When the Syrian army attacked a peaceful protest in -- on. A mostly rebel held town. Use salt on -- -- comes -- what looks like a big treat for us signed in homes ground zero for the rebellion. Paul Conroy a news photographer was seriously injured last week trying to document the horror of homes. It's no won't it's it's a slow -- the house. Conroy has only just managed to escape. And several activists gave their lives trying to -- he's the intensity of the -- and we would take direct -- have to direct hits on the -- and we -- -- the time but so has over some of the must act. Because we're not gonna see the next thing is if the activists who won't be there because that over and done in the next few things. -- will not be any witnesses. The -- continues and there is still no diplomatic solution no humanitarian. Intervention. And increasingly -- cools by the rebels for America to help.

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{"id":15846601,"title":"Syrian Crackdown","duration":"4:27","description":"The Syrian army attacks a peaceful protest, reportedly killing 12 people.","url":"/WNT/video/syria-army-protest-attack-war-15846601","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}