TED in the Bronx: Street Artist JR Brings Hope to Community

Artist changes communities around globe with "just paper and ink and powder."
3:21 | 12/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TED in the Bronx: Street Artist JR Brings Hope to Community
Ten years ago was doing -- well -- writing my name using this to get that kind of us. I was going -- this and those of violence on the rooftops. Yeah. Vacation. Huge posters everywhere. Individuals who. So we decided to portraits. Of Palestinians and Israelis doing the same jobs. -- fitted. To face in eight Israeli and Palestinian cities. And on both side of the war. -- -- talked -- into Africa us who don't Sierra Leone Liberia Kenya. People come straight to you I'm doing what you love to to keep asking why these -- purpose of the project. -- -- you to meet -- Costs just in a -- Okay. This Paper and -- feeling -- I think it's slow it's got it. Printed on the -- and -- down the road intact. -- -- -- -- When -- mean anything from. Completed Riyadh and then you get. If you really want to about people adopt he. The tools but not doing it I'm gonna believe thank you try to pick in this country. -- -- -- Even if there was -- white Paper -- any action comforting paid or. How do you happen after look at -- benefits these items whose team -- off the -- situated in the power of the inmates. But also the initiative -- around him. -- -- -- -- -- -- This line of portraits is on the long of one of the most notorious union announced -- next sentence means. Fifth and really wouldn't let us get motivated him part of -- -- means test immediately and hammer it country lanes. It's it. Through unity in the field -- 77. As -- go to. My dad was as -- here. Talking and and just saying kids living hell in there. Just tell them just can't get an excellent income handlers. -- -- Better news media outside it's not half as bad as if anything now we know -- in the -- -- -- wouldn't sixteen. This represented here. It represented all that was wrong -- mountains and about ourselves but in this flimsy Paper. A representation. Of -- an opportunity. Yeah that this puts everybody. Certificates of nowhere has it.

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{"id":15075262,"title":"TED in the Bronx: Street Artist JR Brings Hope to Community","duration":"3:21","description":"Artist changes communities around globe with \"just paper and ink and powder.\"","url":"/WNT/video/ted-bronx-art-brings-hope-community-15075262","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}