Two terror attacks just hours apart in Paris

Officials found two gas canisters, two handguns and a rifle in the car of the alleged attacker; no one was hurt.
1:55 | 06/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Two terror attacks just hours apart in Paris
We are also on the scene tonight of another terror attack. This time, a man filling his car with explosives and guns. He then ignited his car while still inside and drove right into a place van on the famous champs-elysee in Paris. ABC's James Longman is in Paris. Reporter: The burning remains of Paris' latest terror attack on the famed champs-elysee. The suspect sets his car on fire, hoping to cause an explosion, according to French media but his attempt fails, as he rams his car into a police van, only his vehicle is engulfed in flames. The driver, seen here, dragged away in clouds of smoke by officers, reportedly gripping onto a handgun, which he was too badly injured to use. "I thought to myself, guys, maybe it's an attack," this teenager says. Badly burned, the alleged attacker dies. Dozens of soldiers and armed police descend. An officer carefully cutting away the man's clothes, checking for a suicide vest. Inside that car, investigators reportedly finding two gas canisters, two handguns and a kalashnikov riffle. The attacker was known to authorities, identified at a 31-year-old man with links to extremism. Police again were the targets, but unlike that April shootout on the champs-elysee that left an officer dead, no police or bystanders were hurt and not a single shot fired. And James Longman is live with us tonight. As you reported, James, the second time in a matter of months along that famous street. We know this 31-year-old was known to police. He had links to extremism. Do we know if he was acting alone? Reporter: Well, David, it certainly seems that way. I mean, there's been no claim of responsibility and it doesn't look like a particularly well thought through attack. Remember, this is the sixth attack since 2015 that has targeted law enforcement specifically around Paris.

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{"id":48144411,"title":"Two terror attacks just hours apart in Paris","duration":"1:55","description":"Officials found two gas canisters, two handguns and a rifle in the car of the alleged attacker; no one was hurt.","url":"/WNT/video/terror-attacks-hours-paris-48144411","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}