Tornado Outbreak Caught on Tape

Dozens of tornados left 39 people dead across six states.
3:03 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Tornado Outbreak Caught on Tape
New video of families running in terror from those tornadoes that -- down fury across the country on Friday. This video shot as one of more than seventy twisters wars closer these images and a reminder. Sometimes the difference between life -- death just a matter of seconds. There is destruction tonight across twelve states 39 people have died and today survivors had to search for their belongings beneath several inches of new snow. ABC's meteorologist ginger -- is in the hard hit community of Henry -- Indiana tonight ginger. -- and I am standing inside someone's living here and you can see the kitchen behind me about what you can't -- -- Is the front of the house it was taken with one of those strong tornadoes and tonight we have new video. And new images that would shock you and tell you just -- forceful. Tornadoes left -- They're caught on tape. As monster -- -- down on American town's new snapshots of -- yeah. -- yeah yeah yeah yeah. And prayer. I don't mind. Charlotte hall and the woman on that tape tells ABC's Matt -- her house is still standing. And silly she needs to what did you say that prayer. And it was a war. Because on it that it -- work today parts of Indiana Kentucky and Tennessee woke up to another dose of mother nature's -- snow. Blanketing the rubble of hundreds of crushed houses creating new headaches for residents trying to dig out. -- -- -- -- -- From the sky you can see a 52 mile footprint of devastation carved in the Indiana countryside. Some towns completely destroyed. Others like Henry bill are just starting to rebuild the emotional tolls -- the accident town meeting this afternoon and -- so. Michael Jones showed -- but pulled up -- -- -- -- -- in here. Let me just drop but even in tragedy and hope and resilience the church here is. Overflowing with donations clothes and food piling up for people who have lost so much we know everybody. In when something happens we all pull together. Volunteers are pouring in like this woman who was on her way to Florida from Michigan I -- Felt -- need help these battered towns in the heartland determined to Begin again. I ginger and those battered people as you said so what -- where they given -- that town meeting what's on the way. Well that town meeting was certainly one of the most emotional things that we have seen here on the ground hundreds of residents coming in. Desperate for answers the answers that they got from that meeting they will get power within two weeks and -- -- is sending more reserves and more help. But tomorrow.

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{"id":15853520,"title":"Tornado Outbreak Caught on Tape","duration":"3:03","description":"Dozens of tornados left 39 people dead across six states.","url":"/WNT/video/tornado-outbreak-caught-tape-15853520","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}