Treatments for Insomnia: Rewiring Your Brain

New innovations help women get a better night's sleep.
2:19 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for Treatments for Insomnia: Rewiring Your Brain
Now healthy living in our series on the hidden epidemic so many Americans who have trouble trying to get to sleep and it is a problem especially for women. A stunning statistic. Up to six in ten women regularly suffer insomnia. Tonight some treatments. Better than pills here's ABC's Claire Shipman. Constance -- -- millions of women at a crossroads every night. -- -- -- -- Sleeping pills or may have a -- -- really don't -- take -- -- -- continue to find some rest. You know every two sleeve -- wind -- -- last it's silly. Probably about a month ago a month ago with the help of that's here. Monique McLaughlin -- is rolling the dice one more time spending an uncomfortable night at the U -- sleep -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Almost 30% of American women taking sleeping pills at least a few nights a week. But it turns out there is another way cognitive sleep therapy changing your brain and behavior. New research shows in the long run it's more affected than those pills -- stop the medication. You don't maintain this political game that game is over. Three things you can start tonight first -- -- anxiety right down those worries for tomorrow so they won't keep you awake tonight. Sector restrict your sleep -- improves the quality and you've heard it before -- use the bedroom for sleep only no TV and phone and flawlessly. Doctors say techniques like -- and working with the sleep therapist's hand that you rest. We'll ask Debbie Hamilton and in the first two weeks my life changed. It was brilliant and -- in Australia one pioneering treatment is being studied extreme sleep deprivation. It's counter intuitive but for 24 hours -- in a windowless room. Doctors Wally sleep for more than five minutes at a time exhausting you. To remind your brain that sleep -- your friend the results astounding. Sleeplessness decreased by 50%. It's a very different treatment I called it similar to -- -- But it's an awesome idea experimental for now but a possible glimmer of hope for millions still longing for sleep to become more than a dream. Claire Shipman ABC news Philadelphia.

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{"id":15350440,"title":"Treatments for Insomnia: Rewiring Your Brain","duration":"2:19","description":"New innovations help women get a better night's sleep.","url":"/WNT/video/treatments-insomnia-rewiring-brain-15350440","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}