United Plane Diverted to Midway Islands in the Pacific

Flight from Hawaii to Guam had an emergency landing after burning smell was reported.
1:41 | 07/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for United Plane Diverted to Midway Islands in the Pacific
We have some late breaking developments tonight on -- United Airlines flight 201. From Honolulu to Guam it was diverted over the middle of the Pacific Ocean last night for an emergency landing on midway island. Passenger -- Christie dismissed from Maryland was traveling with 25 members of her family telling ABC news there was a burning smell on board the plane. Even before they took off. Relentless -- who has now that they -- -- -- that up by. What it now why they it was back of ratings. And now me and all of Asia's they would it would cost child. And it took about -- -- it is. And five hours into the flight she says the burning smell intensified. That's when flight attendants announced they'd be making an emergency landing. I had overheard something to do it is talking. And they were talking about. I'm now getting stronger and able kind of thing that -- going back Hawaii. And then another it would it actually not a kind of actions back. According to -- Reseda folks onboard were very scared and shaken up she said they felt like quote. They were in an episode of lost with a broken plane on a remote island in the middle of the night. Passengers were evacuated to -- nearby abandoned -- United Airlines is confirming tonight the Boeing 777. Suffered a mechanical issue. The plane in question is still on the ground on midway island but the passengers returned safely to Hawaii on a rescue plane. And are now reportedly headed to their original destination. Which was --

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{"id":24532340,"title":"United Plane Diverted to Midway Islands in the Pacific","duration":"1:41","description":"Flight from Hawaii to Guam had an emergency landing after burning smell was reported.","url":"/WNT/video/united-plane-diverted-midway-islands-pacific-24532340","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}