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Victoria Beckham Cracks: Famed Frowner Unveils Smile

What was it that made the fashion icon finally show her pearly whites?
1:22 | 05/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Victoria Beckham Cracks: Famed Frowner Unveils Smile
Finally tonight here when cracking a smile, even a hint of one, makes headlines, this weekend david beckham is playing his final professional game but it's the tweet and the photo from his wife that is getting a lot of attention. She famously pouts in every photo but is her husband's retirement finally giving her something to smile about? Here's abc's jeffry kaufman in london. Reporter: It's posh and becks, the sizzling duo, does celebrity get any sexier or successful than this? He david beckham, the world's most famous soccer player, she victoria, former spice girl. His hair, suit, his wife. Reporter: Theirs are the faces and bodies that have sold billions and made them millions. But look at her face. There's a reason they call her pouty posh. She never smiles. There they were at the royal wedding in 2011. Poker faced posh looking like she was heading to the dentist. Today as her husband played his last soccer game and heads into retirement she finally did it tweeting this picture. Is there a hint of a smile there? That look, we've seen it before, oh, yes, on the mona lisa. Could that smile mean that she's happy that her husband will finally be home a little more often? Abc news, london.

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{"id":19209655,"title":"Victoria Beckham Cracks: Famed Frowner Unveils Smile","duration":"1:22","description":"What was it that made the fashion icon finally show her pearly whites? ","section":"WNT","mediaType":"Default"}