Voters Fed Up With Government

A new poll shows voters are worried about how the economy is being handled.
3:34 | 11/06/11

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Transcript for Voters Fed Up With Government
-- rumbling across this country over the economy your voice your vote tonight and it's hard to believe were exactly one year now. Until the presidential election tonight here brand new poll numbers showing voters fed up with the government and incumbents. And worried about their own savings and jobs the poll reveals pearls for a president who wants another four years. But for his opponents to. 31% of Americans and our latest poll are downright angry at the way the federal government works or record and pulling back to 1992. And in those were merely dissatisfied with the federal government that number -- to 80%. The economy is by far the biggest issue as you've been telling Washington right here on world news we'll have to cut back. Make a deal let's just start all over 61%. Say they disapprove of how President Obama has handled the economy. -- Republicans haven't been able to capitalize on this yet. Americans polled are evenly divided on who they trust on the economy moving forward 42% trust Obama 42% trust the GOP. Regular voters don't like what they see and the president in terms of his handling of the economy. But they don't see that anybody out there is necessarily going to do a better job. And with just a 38% job approval rating when it comes to the economy. President Obama is still holding above low point seen during previous economic downturn a 23% approval on the economy for the first President Bush. Even -- Reagan reached a lower point midway through his first term. So what's keeping President Obama competitive even in this economy. 80% of Democrats and democratic leaning independents say they're satisfied with -- Obama as their party's nominee. While -- 9% of Republicans are satisfied -- their choices. In head to head matchups Obama 46%. Mitt Romney 47%. Obama 50% to Herman came to 45. And President Obama against Rick Perry 51 to forty. But that -- low rating numbers on the economy for the president but congress even lower and Christian Ayman pour. Asked the speaker of the house stop this today here on ABC. No matter what you say about the president congress' approval ratings are way you know how can lead with 9% approval those. Congress has never been popular this is historic that congress never about popular -- this is the way American people but they look at the battles are -- -- Capitol Hill. They don't like to see it. And I understand it. It was surprise people but 90% of the time members of congress on both sides -- you know get along. So not -- percent of the time they get along and so Rick I imagine many voters would ask them where's the where's the deal on jobs and bringing down unemployment. People want answers they want progress that's why you see the president campaigning on his jobs plan this is all about setting up the choice for 2012 -- there's plenty of anger to go around. President Obama wants the channel that in the direction of Republicans making -- case that they are the ones standing in the way of progress. Near the top of the Republican field as we know Herman Cain an explosive week this last week. But he weighed in on whether or not he's going to take many more questions on the issues he faced this last week this weekend meticulous. Nobody -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- at least the journalistic code of ethics. Of course these about the allegations against him -- it will this be the end this he says it is. Now it doesn't work that way and back into this whole episode over the past week. Has exposed really -- on prepare Herman Cain is as a candidate.

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{"id":14893749,"title":"Voters Fed Up With Government","duration":"3:34","description":"A new poll shows voters are worried about how the economy is being handled. ","url":"/WNT/video/voters-fed-government-incumbents-poll-shows-economy-major-issue-politics-14893749","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}