WCVB Reporter Sean Kelly Discusses the Boston Marathon Bombing

Local reporter describes the investigation and how the victims are doing.
3:04 | 04/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WCVB Reporter Sean Kelly Discusses the Boston Marathon Bombing
We want to go now to our colleague Sean Kelly who's a reporter at our great Boston affiliate WCVB and Sean. We heard the hospital officials said it was like a war zone what's the latest you're hearing on the victims. Diana latest number that we're getting from emergency rooms as eighty people taken to area hospitals this was a triage center. At the location of the marathon site that was set up very quickly so they were able to -- to these victims we saw people being wheeled out on wheelchairs and on stretchers who had lost their limbs. And mobile -- from what we're hearing from doctors is that the majority of the injuries are to people's. Lower bodies but there are injuries of many different kinds their burns as well shrapnel kinds of -- Right we saw the injuries we were seeing was mostly to people's legs I saw a woman who appeared to a loss a good portion of her jaw. Lots of lacerations. The scene coming out of it was not hysterical. Keep in mind that this was at the end of the marathon so that the runners that were injured were exhausted from the run. And the spectators who were injured were simply in total shock. All right -- -- thank you we'll check in with you again throughout the evening and again our thanks to WCVB. In Boston. And as you probably know the bomb went off the first one went off about 2:15 PM on Boylston street in Boston. And that was just feet from the finish line so right now we want to take -- to the streets of Boston. And show -- the chaos the confusion let you hear from people who were there. It and it just like bond but not Obama -- might. -- -- Very loud in the ground -- it. He was going down billion. He's bun human operate at by the and it's -- the bedroom to help -- -- temperature here. Just look up at. I've got trapped in explode and people started toward them the -- didn't. One and only two others that I read news -- But within the city -- it looked like the very thing that ever experienced. The public and a restaurant kind -- get away from the scene it our way -- work. I'm walking into the math that's ridiculous the exodus to Cambridge I thought -- of the Carnegie Hall done done with. An injury and then I looked. -- and not get the pile of. Body. The words being I think I've ever been in my life. -- living. People not -- didn't. I -- inebriated near here -- being through thick and did a dozen people getting killed -- anything. -- problem Hariri culinary trip and. They respond within fifteen seconds you saw that -- somebody coming in here medical team here responded. But college student and bought them. And you think patriots day Marathon Monday that they don't think anything like that could ever happen and when elected tomorrow.

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{"id":18963457,"title":"WCVB Reporter Sean Kelly Discusses the Boston Marathon Bombing","duration":"3:04","description":"Local reporter describes the investigation and how the victims are doing.","url":"/WNT/video/wcvb-reporter-sean-kelly-discusses-boston-marathon-bombing-18963457","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}