Whitney Houston's Autopsy: Drugs to Blame?

Report likely to reveal if prescription drugs contributed to singer's death.
4:45 | 02/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston's Autopsy: Drugs to Blame?
Whitney Houston is on her way home. At this moment a private plane carrying the body of one of America's blazing stars back to the church in Newark, New Jersey. Where it all began. Her funeral expected there later this week she started as a choir girl with a voice that rained out holy fire. Becoming the supernova would break the sound barrier again all the while battling her drugs for alcohol. And her fear. So what happened in the end ABC's Jim novelist with us now to tell us what we've learned tonight about how Whitney Houston died. In that hotel room at the age of 48 Jim. Diane Beverly hills police have put a hold on the autopsy results and refuse to release the 9/11 tapes the 911 tapes of the call. -- the Beverly Hilton hotel here. But they have allowed the corners office to release Whitney Houston's body to her family this weeks before. Any kind of decision on the cause of death can be reached. The LA county coroner released Whitney Houston's body today and she is on the way home to New Jersey and a private jet. The autopsy complete fluids taken for toxicology reports but results not expected for at least eight weeks. And -- sources tell ABC news they were no signs of trauma or foul play on her body. No visible Trace of illegal drugs there were prescription bottles in the bathroom where Houston was found in the -- It is seen in these photos obtained by TMC. Alcohol in the room. Both champagne and beer still that's not enough evidence from medical examiners to declare a definitive cause of death. No matter what medications they're taking until we run -- -- and see the level and what's in the system we're not going to speculate. At the Beverly Hilton hotel today the singer's entourage moved out. Sources tell ABC news many -- being questioned about Houston's last hours but police insist this is not a homicide investigation. This panel conducting -- death investigation and we need to be very clear about that we do not know. The cause of death we don't know the circumstances leading up to her death. Here's what we do know about those circumstances. Thursday night with the Houston danced and partied at a Hollywood nightclub pictures show -- -- and disheveled one leg bloody. Friends say she was drinking champagne. Friday Houston is seen skipping around the Beverly Hilton lobby. -- -- at the pool again her clothes in disarray in her hair wet she awkwardly in -- of press interview conducted by yeah. She looked back -- -- in match can be decision smelled of alcohol -- Saturday Houston talked by phone with her cousin and godmother Dion Warwick. In her mother's this. In minutes later she went into the bathroom to prepare for a performance scheduled for the music business at least a Clive davis' pre Grammy party. She died -- -- her body discovered by an entourage submerged in the tub she was not breathing she had no pulse and could not be revived. Okay. She once dominated under her at the grants and awards he won six. Even today after her sudden death. Seven the top ten albums sold on Amazon dot. -- police and corners investigators do know the types of drugs that were found inside the bathroom the prescription drugs including Valium and antibiotics. What they don't know the levels in her body and that of course is -- That's right Jim and with all these unanswered questions over to bring in ABC's chief health and medical editor doctor Richard -- rich. Eight to ten weeks until they have these tests released -- that's a long time the LA coroner's office told me eight to ten weeks is their standard practice. I talked to medical Examiner's around the country -- to the actual testing takes two to three days. At a little time to double check that. Many say -- will hold the results if there's a possible criminal investigative how to tailor these results can you tell how recently she have what. Amount of alcohol. Or anything else you can tell some of that you can tell you the big cause of death heart attack stroke. Where there's a plot to the -- you can see if there's been alcohol consumption recently or cocaine -- recently. Drug use it goes way beyond that if it depends on the particular drugs today earlier you were saying to me when someone of her age dies in a bath -- That is extremely. Unusual look older people younger people perhaps but we -- we don't know if it was drowning but the very fact of of the -- -- that's right those other groups will drown someone who's 48 it's very rare to see drowning in -- there was something else involved.

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{"id":15577899,"title":"Whitney Houston's Autopsy: Drugs to Blame?","duration":"4:45","description":"Report likely to reveal if prescription drugs contributed to singer's death.","url":"/WNT/video/whitney-houstons-autopsy-drugs-blame-15577899","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}