Two Winners in the Mega Millions Jackpot

Here's the method one winner chose to get her lucky numbers, plus some other possible lucky winners.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for Two Winners in the Mega Millions Jackpot
eve. Talk about a big holiday present, what about the two winners of that mega millions jackpot, the one that climbed above $600 million. We're beginning to learn who they are and how they chose the lucky numbers. There's abc's linsey davis. Reporter: It took two and a half months to creat this massive $648 million jackpot and about 12 hours for ira curry of stone mountain, georgia to claim half of it. They were very, very excited about the win. They were, as they said, still in a state of shock. Reporter: This is the 56-year-old's facebook profile before she disabled her account. The winner is not speaking publicly. She did reveal to lottery officials that she bought only one ticket at the last minute picking numbers based on family birthdays. She had the radio on and the announcer was talking about the mega ball which is 7. 7 is the family's lucky number. She knew she had the mega ball. Reporter: After state and federal taxes, the wife and mother is now about $120 million richer. The identity of last night's second big winner remains a mystery but we do know they bought their ticket in san jose, california. See this smile? That's the excitement of a man who is now $1 million richer just for selling that winning ticket, owner of jenny's gift and kids ware. I'm excited. I win $1 million, too. Reporter: Unfortunately, the owners of the gate way newsstand that sold the winning ticket in georgia get nothing. State law in georgia doesn't give the venders a bonus for a big win. But 20 people in 15 states are $1 million richer tonight after matching all the balls except the mega ball. And now the entire country can collectively scratch mega millions tickets off their holiday shopping list and return to the usual frenzy of this time of year. Linsey davis, abc news, new york.

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{"id":21270094,"title":"Two Winners in the Mega Millions Jackpot","duration":"3:00","description":"Here's the method one winner chose to get her lucky numbers, plus some other possible lucky winners. ","url":"/WNT/video/winners-mega-millions-jackpot-21270094","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}