Winter Weather: Hot and Cold

Record heat wave follows deep freeze across parts of U.S.
1:58 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Winter Weather: Hot and Cold
It is impossible for a lot of people around this nation to open their doors walk out and not ask what in the world is happening to the weather. Freezing one hour scorching the next warmer -- the planes than in many parts of Florida. 583. New heat records broken in the past five decades. We ask ABC's Clayton send -- to get to the bottom of the wild ride. After a few days of winter freeze much of the plains and midwest feel a lot like -- This is just glorious. In Denver it's 66 degrees should be in the low forties today so we're about twenty -- degrees warmer. Bismarck, North Dakota is normally just 23 degrees today a warm 62. Glasgow Montana normally thirteen degrees today will seat fifty. The temperature is higher in Rapid City, South Dakota and in Miami Florida instead of snow -- -- walking today. So what is the weather map turned upside down you can partially -- to natural weather patterns cooler Pacific waters known as La Nina are pushing the jet -- further north. That means. Mild -- in the south southwest. And there's something called the Arctic oscillation that acts like a -- to -- cold air keeping the midwest warm. That -- can unexpectedly spill freezing air south. But it's not just shifting -- chilly water that's creating wacky weather scientists say the swings -- influenced by global warming. Climate changes probably a good bad as to why those patterns have become disrupted. Oddly enough warming is expected to -- -- snow -- that's because more heat is an operating more water. The atmosphere is holding more moisture the storms can tap into more moisture so when it is cold enough to snow. We would expect to see heavier snowfall events. The bottom line is that over the long term we'll probably see more extreme weather events as the temperature continues to rise but short term weather events are more fickle and Diane. Winter conditions. A lot different from this could come roaring back.

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{"id":15301506,"title":"Winter Weather: Hot and Cold","duration":"1:58","description":"Record heat wave follows deep freeze across parts of U.S.","url":"/WNT/video/winter-weather-hot-cold-15301506","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}