WWII Vet Awarded Medal, Overcomes Racism

Navy recognizes war hero 66 years later.
2:07 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WWII Vet Awarded Medal, Overcomes Racism
We want to tell you about an incredible act of bravery one man saving hundreds of lives but because of his race. The navy would never honor his extraordinary heroism. Until today 66 years later. In an emotional ceremony he was given what may possibly be the last combat medal awarded to a living veteran of World War II. ABC's David Wright was there. Stewart first class Carl Clark waited 66 years for this day. And at 95 it's been years since he last wore his dress blues. A uniform made complete only today with the addition of a medal he earned when he was 29. During World War II black men could enlist but the only jobs open -- them in the navy were as stewards. -- can -- all curious. Treating them now meals. Training their rooms. Shiny -- issues. Of course when the ship came under attack they meant to battle stations with the rest of the group are scared and didn't hit point nine -- Constance. They did so may third 1945. Near Okinawa on board the USS Aaron Ward. Clark's battle station was damage control fighting fires on deck and helping the wounded. There was only so why we're. -- -- -- -- I stared -- the pilot. As indebtedness bringing. Right and to worship single handedly he kept the fires from reaching the big guns saving that ship from exploding we lost. Over forty -- that day. But while his white comrades received medals for bravery Clark did not even though the ship's captain strongly felt he deserved it. The navy finally set that right. The secretary of the navy pinned the medal himself a country's debt finally -- -- made a big -- Well David Wright ABC news Moffett field California.

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{"id":15382254,"title":"WWII Vet Awarded Medal, Overcomes Racism","duration":"2:07","description":"Navy recognizes war hero 66 years later.","url":"/WNT/video/wwii-vet-awarded-medal-overcomes-racism-15382254","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}