Interracial Couple Faces Prejudice, 'Purity' Complaints


"You should have done that two hours ago!" Maritza yells, and, as they leave, everybody listening at the bar collectively applauds and breathes a sigh of relief.

"I'll pay their check. It's better than me going to hit the guy…" Phil tells bartender once they're gone.

Afterwards, when they find out it was all part of a staged scenario, the bar patrons tell "What Would You Do's" John Quinones they just could not stand by idly and do nothing in the face of such vicious prejudice.

"I wanted to get up and just like, push her out of here. That's how mad I got!" Maritza says.

"Physically?" Quinones asks.

"That's how mad I got. I'm sorry!"

Phil, who is white, says he thought about getting affectionate with his work colleague Maritza, who is Latina, just to get a rise out of our aggressor, Hassan.

Bystanders Get Upset

"I was going to kiss her just to annoy him!" he says, laughing.

We found that nearly everyone who witnessed the scene disapproved and voiced their sympathy for Jeremy and Nicole.

What will happen when our interracial couple is a BLACK man on a date with his WHITE girlfriend?

CLICK HERE to watch the full episode.

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