A Man 'Drugs' His Date's Drink: What Do You Do?

A Different Look for Our Actress

As a twist in our experiment, we decided to dress Brigitte more provocatively; a variable that Keating, the psychology professor, thought might provoke a different reaction. "She looks like she's been there, done that, and I would imagine not as much sympathy for her."

Was she right?

Dressed in a tight, revealing blue dress, Brigitte took a seat with her date Jeremy. Two men sitting at the bar immediately noticed the sexy actress, and as soon as she stepped away told Jeremy, "Good for you, I wish I could do that s--t. Unfortunately I got married a long time ago."

Jeremy laughed with his new cohorts and then proceeded to spike Brigitte's drink not once, but five times, to make sure they saw what he was doing.

When Brigitte returned from the restroom, Jeremy excused himself saying, "These are nice guys, they'll take care of ya." But to our astonishment, they refused to get involved or say anything even after Brigitte began to fake a headache.

We decided to up the ante by telling Jeremy to attempt to bring Brigitte home.

"I have a pool in my house, if you want to go back there," he said.

The two men responded by leaving the bar without a word. When we asked why they didn't say anything, they refused to speak with us but we did learn that only one of them saw the powder go into Brigitte's drink.

Brigitte was disturbed that they didn't get involved, saying, "I feel dirty, not like I felt before when I was the cute little girl." Earlier, nobody had let Brigitte walk out of the bar with Jeremy. Speaking up would have saved the young woman in this precarious, possibly even deadly, situation.

Next, two older men took a seat next to our actors.

After witnessing Jeremy poison Brigitte's drink, they surprised us by immediately telling the bartender, who was also an actor working for "WWYD."

Later, after we let them in on our secret, on of the men, Arthur, said, "I wanted to prevent violence and I wanted him [my friend Tim] to calm down. And you gotta be careful of how you get involved."

But after nearly two full days of repeating the scenario, no one told Brigitte exactly what they saw or why they were concerned about her.

A Witness Who Doesn't Mince Words

Then, a remarkable woman showed up. As soon as Jeremy drugged Brigitte's drink, Linda was on the case.

"Did you just put something in her drink?" she asked.

Jeremy once again denied he did anything. When Brigitte returned from the restroom, Jeremy excused himself. Linda wasted no time.

"Excuse me, Miss? I'm probably out of line, he thinks I'm crazy, I thought I saw him put something in your drink and stir it."

When the scene broke, Brigitte was moved to tears by her new friend. She explained to us how protected she felt with Linda who not only spoke up but who also followed Brigitte into the restroom to make sure she was all right.

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