'Momzilla' Berates Bride-to-Be

'A Saving Grace'

In the midst of all the tension, an angel appeared in the form of Loulie Walker, a New York City wedding planner who felt for the distressed bride and offered her encouraging advice.

"You should be in heaven," said Walker. "I can't imagine how she's made you feel, but you should write her off and get the dress that you want to get."

Walker left, only to return moments later.

"Here's my card. You have a single question about your entire wedding, you call me, because this should be the most fun six months of your life and you don't need any of that," Walker said. "I'm serious. Just e-mail, a cup of coffee, whatever you would like, I am more than happy to help."

To the distressed bride, played by actress Liz Holtan, Walker's reaction was more than just a kind gesture. In her interview, Holtan said Walker's behavior "was a saving grace."

The Plus-Size Bride

But what if the bride was played by a plus-size actress, instead of a thin one? Would the customers' reactions toward Momzilla, or the bride, be any different.

"Oh, gosh, I think this dress looks terrible on you. Just terrible," Regina said. "Why? Because you look fat in this dress, that's why."

Jennifer Ponton, an actress hired to play the role of the bride, stood alone recovering from the insults.

Cheryl Egan, a mother shopping at Kleinfeld with her daughter, rushed to Ponton's side.

"You look beautiful," said Egan. "What's the matter? Look how gorgeous you look."

As Egan continued to comfort the distressed plus-size bride, Regina returned to the scene. Egan wasn't afraid to share her point of view with Regina.

"My opinion is if she's happy, and she's the bride, it's her day," said Egan. "All brides are beautiful. This kid is happy, it's her day, you got to support her -- look at her. She's beautiful."

Regina's words were harsh, but nearly 100 bystanders avoided confronting her one on one, except for one mother, who heard Regina say, "I'm not crazy about this dress. I think she looks like a fat pig in this dress."

Those words sparked a reaction from Tola Ige, a mother from London who was at Kleinfeld with her daughter. Immediately, Ige pulled Regina aside to have a heart-to-heart.

'Tell Her Something Nice'

"Don't call her fat," Ige advised. "You are her mom. Don't call her fat, please."

Regina asked, "What would you say if you were her mother and if she looked really ugly?"

Ige quickly put Regina in her place.

"I would never, ever call my child ugly -- never, no matter how big that child is, because today is her important day, you know, just use wisdom, tell her something nice," she said. "Please, use another word, but not 'fat.'"

When ABC's John Quinones revealed that the scenario had been staged, he spoke with Ige's daughter, Yewande, about her mother's intervention.

Yewande said proudly, "That's her. That's really her. That's kind of how she raised us, you know, when you see somebody hurting like that, you just step in there. That's her completely."

Quinones asked, when it really comes down to it, whose day is the wedding day, anyway -- the mother's or the daughter's?

Both mother and daughter Ige responded in unison: "It's the daughter's."

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