Pledge Masters Haze Girls, Boys Without Mercy

"No, I wouldn't put myself though this!" said Tischer, "How can they trust you guys if you beat them and humiliate them?"

"Because they are our pledges!" responded the pledge master. "It's none of your business."

When we later revealed to Tischer what was really going on, tears started streaming down her face.

"You had the guts to approach all these young men who looked pretty threatening ... why?" Quinones asked.

"It was wrong!" said Tischer. "I couldn't stand looking at it, it's wrong! People should stand up for something like that."

Tischer was 17 years old and had never been in a sorority, but our staged scenario hit too close to home.

"I've been made fun of since middle school and I don't want other people to degrade themselves like that just to be part of some friends." she explained. "They're not friends if they make you go through that."

What Happens When Girls Haze One Another?

According to Lipkins, there's a big difference between male and female hazing: "The men tend to be a little bit more aggressive, the women are almost worse because they take the sense of self down to nothing."

"You're fat! You're a slut! You are so ugly!" yelled the hazer. "What makes you think you are good enough?"

With a marker in hand the female hazer wrote out the letters "F-A-T" on the pledge's body, a common hazing practice according to Lipkins.

It seemed outrageous to us, but would people step in and say something?

'It Was Entertaining'

Surprisingly, some people, such as Jarett Mitrani, stood by and then sat down on a nearby corner to watch the action.

"I don't know it was entertaining I guess …" Mitrani said later.

Another man, Andrew Minas, immediately recognized the hazing and looked alarmed at first, but when asked to take photographs by the hazers, he complied.

Then he offered them advice: "With an open beer like that you might get in trouble."

When later asked why he didn't try and stop the hazing, Minas told us he wanted to help but he felt it wasn't his place to interfere with someone's personal life.

A Mother's Perspective

When two mothers witnessed our hazing experiment, we assumed they would come to the aid of these young women. They did jump in but not to help the pledges.

"What do you want to call that one?" asked the hazer.

"Vomit," said the mother. "She's vomit."

"What about that one right there?" asked the hazer as she pointed to another pledge.

"She should be like … ultimate slut!" responded the mother.

They seemed as if they were enjoying themselves, but when we caught up with them the women told us they were about to call 911.

"I had the phone in my hand!" said the mother. "I'm like 911! 911!"

And when our correspondent asked them if they might have encouraged the situation, they both disagreed.

"No, because you know what? I don't want to go to jail. I would've beat the sh*t out of all of them," replied the mother. "911 is the place to go."

Crying for Help

After three days of shooting, no one intervened with the female hazing until we discovered the one thing that was foolproof -- a woman's tears.

"Get me off!" cried the pledge. "I want off!"

As the pledge was saran wrapped to a pole she pleaded for help, and her cries were not ignored. Immediately John Conley and Nancy Cerullo jumped in and came to the aid of our distressed actress.

"Get her off that pole!" demanded Conley.

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