'Tiger Mom' Attacks Kid for A-Minus: Would You Get Involved?


Taming the Tiger: 'You Have This Child Petrified!'

These words may seem ridiculous, but in her book Chua recounts similar ploys: "I threatened her with no lunch, no dinner … no birthday parties."

It takes mere minutes for Rachel to catch the attention of an unsuspecting mother and daughter, Ann and Gina Capicotto. For 20 grueling minutes, they listen to this verbal abuse without a word to the mother. But like Martone, when Rachel leaves the scene, Capicotto swoops over to console Misha.

When Rachel returns, she asks Misha, "Are you bothering people? Are you talking to people? What's wrong with you?"

Little do we know, Rachel is in for a surprise.

"Leave her alone! What is wrong with you?" says Capicotto.

"She's doing her homework," Rachel counters.

"And you are yelling and screaming at her! This is ridiculous! You are a disgrace!" cries out Capicotto.

When Rachel tells Misha this is her fault, Ann lashes out, pointing at Rachel: "She didn't do it to you! You did it to yourself! You have this child petrified!"

With that overwhelming response, we decide it's time to break the scene.

Capicotto later admits tearfully that her heart broke for the child and that she didn't want to leave her with Rachel. She wasn't the only one who felt Rachel's words were over the top. Coincidentally, it turns out our Tiger Mother actress, Rachel, was raised by Tiger Parents.

"[My parents] didn't mean to make me feel bad," she says. "They knew that I would come out of it and feel stronger. That's their philosophy. It stirs up a lot of emotions in me, but I'm also very close to my parents, so I also don't want to portray them as a stereotype. I want to show that it's coming from a place of love."

In her book, Chua experiences a change of heart about "Tiger" parenting after her youngest daughter rebels.

In an interview with Juju Chang on "Good Morning America," Chua said, "Obviously, at some point I started to lose touch, but then luckily I listened … and I pulled back."

Chua's oldest daughter, Sophia, has started a blog titled "New Tiger in Town" to counter her mother's critics. She writes: "When the whole world's calling you a mindless robot, you kind of get the urge to start talking!"

Sophia was recently accepted by Yale and Harvard. Does this prove Chua's point that her style of parenting is indeed superior? That's up to you to decide.

Watch the scenario unfold on "What Would You Do?" Friday at 9 p.m. ET

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