'Old Enough to Serve, But Not Be Served'

Would you buy a drink for two young service members just back from serving overseas?
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for 'Old Enough to Serve, But Not Be Served'
They're american patriot, brave men and women who fight to preserve american freedom both at home and abroad. ♪ and when they're finally back home, what better way to celebrate than with a drink. Here's to all those month, sometimes years, ofary service. But, wait, some of these soldiers haven't reached the legal drinking age. They're old enough to serve but not old enough to be served. What would you do if you saw an underage service member being refused a drink at a bar. After all, it is against the law. These two are actors pretending they're soldiers just back from afghanistan, soldiers who are just shy of the legal drinking age. WE'RE at McQuaid's neighborhood grill in new york. This woman notices the soldiers before they even enter the bar. Oh, look. Uniforms are walking in. Hey, guys. Hey. I'm going to cry. You want to cry, why? My son just left on thursday for afghanistan. You were there already? We just got back. Thinking of her own son she's happy to see young service members home from duty. But the bartender also a "what would you do?" Actor is more than a little suspicious about their age. Can I see your i.D. Real quick? We're not -- we're not 21 but I mean -- come on. Guys, I'm sorry. I wish I could. I really do. If you're not 21 I can't serve you. As this mother watches the scene unfold she can't help but feel sorry for these guys. I feel terrible. I -- we were just saying all the things you can do, you can't get a drink. You can buy a car, you can get married. Can you have a baby. For our actors it's time to capitalize on that sympathy. So maybe they'll buy them a drink, want to offer them -- 20 bucks, can you get us a shot? He's not going to go for it. No dice. It turns out they just weren't about to break the law. Welcome back to the good old u.S. Hi. I'm john quinones. They just came back, he said from afghanistan. I know how it feels because i just said good-bye to my son and, you know -- would you want him served? Yeah. Yes. I would. It's a sentiment we hear again and again. Slip you a 5 can you at least get us some beer. I'm a retired cop so I can't. Patrons who all have different reasons for not buying our boys a drink. I've professional license, i can't. But then along comes this man. There's a few more bars on sunrise highway. Yeah? They'll probably -- they'll serve you. He's not the only one trying to quench the guy's thirst. Even our retired cop steers them in the right or is it wrong direction. There's a bar right down the next block. I mean if you guys show up, i don't see why they won't serve you. Still others won't help the soldiers out. If we slip you a 20 could you get us a few shots or order it for yourselves and slide it ov that's, like, that's too obvious. You never know. Really? That's stupid. But then we change things up a bit. We send in a different bartender. You guys drinking again? Scotch. Scotch. Stone cold silence. Oh, shooters. Followed by cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. But now our first bartender is back. How's this? He looks a little sheepish but sticks to his guns. Why didn't you say anything? Because I'm not, you know what I mean? Time to introduce ourselves. How are you doing, sir? H I'm john quinones. From "what would you do?." Are you kidding me? I was on this already. This is the first time we've got someone twice. That's right. If you think this guy looks familiar, that's because last year he was a bystander in another "what would you do?" Scenario in which he resolutely refused to buy a drink for a woman who was about to fall off the wagon. If you're in recovery, you don't do that. If you buy them a drink or not? No. Ah. So both times you did right thing. Well, not so much this time but -- throughout the day it seems everyone here agrees our soldiers have earned the right to enjoy a drink but buying it for them is a different story. Unti meet this guy. Even before our actors settle in, he offers to buy them a drink. He's going to get you guys a drink but I need to see your i.D. Real quick. I.D.? This man a veteran himself feels the soldier's un formerlies are i.D. Enough. Are you 21? Almost. Of course, the bartender disagrees and our soldiers look for a little shrimp think. Let me ask you something did you drink before you were 212? Most of my life. I can't believe it. We're in two wars. You know, you could go in the army but you can't have a drink. Give me a break. As our bartender continues to play things by the book, this guy takes matters into his own hands. You got an hour or something. I'll take you for a drink? Yeah. You want another beer, sir? No. Well, where are you going? We're going to go get a drink. I don't see no problem. All right. Come on. Before he commits a crime, beit with good intentions, we decide it's time to meet this army veteran. How are you doing, sir? I'm john quinones. How are you? This is part of a tv show. They're actors that's good. We wanted to know whether anybody would help them out. Tell us what you were thinking. These guys, they said they came home from afghanistan. And so the least you can do is give them a drink. For what they've done. Yes, dividending the country. You can get a drink. So many patrons here felt the very same way. At 18 you should absolutely be able to. The fact that you guys serve our country, I think you should get served. You're old enough to go get solt at. You're old enough to drink. Only one person was willing to stand up for what he believes is the right of every soldier. You think I should serve him? Of course, you should. And at the end of the day we did just that. You see, our actors are actually over the age of 21. Here's tohe military's fine service and good health.

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{"id":17468717,"title":"'Old Enough to Serve, But Not Be Served'","duration":"3:00","description":"Would you buy a drink for two young service members just back from serving overseas?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/alcohol-drinking-underage-military-army-serve-bar-wwyd-17468717","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}