What Would You Do?: Anti-Muslim Harassment

"What's your name, Obama?" a young man asks a Middle Eastern-looking deli clerk.
3:00 | 05/06/15

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Transcript for What Would You Do?: Anti-Muslim Harassment
Since when did they start hiring muslims around here? Reporter: Muslim americans are no strangers to stereotypes. make bombs? Get on a plane back to pakistan. Reporter: More than a decade after 9/11, hate crimes against muslims are on the rise. Facing hate crime charges after saying she pushed a man to his death because she thought he was a muslim. Reporter: And the boston marathon bombing has them fearing even more backlash. We traveled to the town of kingston, in upstate new york, not far from where a mosque was desecrated in 2010. A racial slur was painted on the wall of a mosque. Reporter: We set up shop at the home plate deli. Can I help you? Reporter: Meena, the man behind the counter -- I'm playing the middle eastern victim. Reporter: -- And oliver, the racist provoking him -- I am the bigot. Reporter: -- Are both actors. I don't want a terrorist touching my food or taking my order. There is a terrorist behind the cou counter. Reporter: Not much reaction until this man speaks up. What are you giving him a hard time for? He's a muslim. Didn't do nothing to you, man. They want to blow up the whole country. They're not all like that. We have to be better than that. Do you understand what I'm saying? We are better. We are americans. You know, either get your and leave, all right. Act like a jack wad in here in front of all these people. You don't have to carry on like an -- Reporter: Obviously, he bothered you. Everybody was afraid to say something to him. I wasn't, you know? Look, I would have been happy just to deck him, but -- Reporter: Back at the deli counter, oliver isn't talking turkey, but 9/11. Are you muslim? Yes. I don't want an arab muslim taking my order. Can I talk to an american? Let me take your order and -- no, no, no. T want you to take my order. I never forget 9/11, buddy, you're muslim. Terrorists. Do you want to buy this or -- I can't believe this. Do you believe this? I can't believe you. I feel like I'm in a dream right now. Is this really happening? Did you forget 9/11? I'm sure that that kid was not involved in 9/11. His relatives were. He represents his people. Are you going to make that judgment of everybody you see that looks different than you? I know what an american looks like. I'm an american. You know what an american looks like. Yeah. And they're all white? Is that what you're saying? Reporter: Say to hr, look I'm like your brother. Look, we're family. I'm just like your brother. I would hope that my brother wouldn't act that way, dude. I hope that my brother never acts the way you're acting right now. Reporter: You were clearly affected by this. I have a little brother. I feel like a lot of young kids might think that way. They might be nervous about everything that did happen. I just -- I don't think that it's right for people to act like that. Reporter: Over the course of the day, more customers stand up for our muslim deli worker. I think you're being inappropriate right now. If you're not happy, then you need to leave. I'm not okay with the way you're talking to him. You're being, like, so racist so everybody who is walking around like that is a terrorist? He looks like one. You're an idiot. I apologize for my friend here. Reporter: And then, we meet this man. Looks like a muslim. Yeah. I've just been coming here a long time. I hear ya. I mean, why'd they have to hire a muslim? Yeah. Why couldn't they hire an american? Yeah, right. Reporter: We wonder, does he really agree? I mean, this is how it starts, you know. Yeah. They start working in one of these places and send all the money home. I'm worried about a bomb or something. I don't trust any of them. Muslims say they hate our country. Death to america. I know. I hear ya. He's not the only one, man. No, there're a million of 'em. I hear you. Reporter: Time for us to hear more from him. You agree with what he was saying. He was telling the truth. Reporter: Some people watching this might say it's racist. Yeah, some people might. It's kind of hard to see the difference between muslim, terrorist, whatever. Reporter: You're not saying they're all terrorists, are you? No. I'm saying that it's hard to decide who's who. I mean, they blend in with regular communities, get regular jobs, you know, learn what they need to learn, do what they need to do, and then they strike, you know. And then, happens. Reporter: Now the final test. A member of the u.S. Army steps up to the counter. Don't deal with this guy. He's a muslim. Uh -- Reporter: Is he laughing? Why is that funny? This guy is a muslim. We live in america. He can have any religion he wants. Aren't you fighting against these guys? Not at the moment. Right now, I'm ordering a sandwich. I don't think he should be working here. Buy your chips and move out. Reporter: He doesn't follow orders. Look, I would like to order some food. Just not from you, okay? Get out. Put the chips down and go buy them somewhere else. You want me to leave this place? You have that choice. You have a choice to shop anywhere, just like he has a choice to practice his religion anywhere. That's the reason I wear the uniform. So anyone can live free in this country. Leave the man alone. Buy your stuff and leave. Reporter: It's time to tell this soldier this is one battle he no longer has to fight. How are you, sir? How are you sir? Reporter: I'm john quinones, with abc's "what would you do," the tv show. You got to be kidding me. Reporter: He was an actor. A lot of people might say that's very heroic, what you said. Is it? No, sir. No. Heroes come in many shapes and sizes, but that wasn't heroic at all. It was just being a person and standing up for someone else. Reporter: What principles were you defending? Everyone's inalienable rights. Reporter: Everyone's?

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{"id":19408087,"title":"What Would You Do?: Anti-Muslim Harassment","duration":"3:00","description":"\"What's your name, Obama?\" a young man asks a Middle Eastern-looking deli clerk.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/anti-muslim-harassment-19408087","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}