The Help: Woman Openly Berates Nanny

Will anyone step in to defend the babysitter and teach the mom some respect?
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for The Help: Woman Openly Berates Nanny
Raising a child, it's the most difficult, most rewarding job out there. So imagine the job of being a nanny, often in addition to the pressure of responsibility of raising the child, there's also cleaning and preparing meals and in some cases the stress of dealing with a verbally abusive and demanding boss. You do what I say or you have no job. That's how that works. No, no, I'm sorry. How will people react when they see this woman giving her nanny an earful in a public place? We're set up at the old world food market in nayak, new york. Let's scan the aisles. Will anyone step in and speak up for our nanny? Did you bring a list? I didn't bring the list because you said that you would tell me. I asked you to bring the list. Did you leave it in the car or did you leave it at home? I can't do this today. If you do it one more time I'm going to fire you. Moronic and start thinking. Almost immediately this mother out shopping with one of her children overhears all that yelling. It's a character flaw that you have. Okay. It's just I don't need it to be a part of my family. You take care of my daughter's clothes. Christina malisea looks on nervously. Our nanny then asks for help. I'm sorry. Did she order something else? No. The salmon cakes and the sirloin. That was it. I don't have the list. I don't remember and she said -- no, that was it. That's what she asked for. Now our mom return. What about the shrimp? Oh. The shrimp. I kept saying that I forgot something. I didn't hear you say shrimp. That's okay but I don't pay you, honey. The customer apologizes for the mix-up and then starts doing everything she can to help our nanny. Thank you very much. You don't really have to do that. Thank you. Why are you -- I cannot believe you're allowing her to do that. She just carried it. No, it's not a big deal. It's fine. She's not that good. I gave her a chance. She's not that good and that's what's bothering me. Oh, I think she's okay. I think she's okay. I really want to fire her. Hi, ma'am. How are you? I knew it. I knew it. What were you thinking? I was just like how could someone, you know, be so cruel and disrespectful and, you know, talk like that? It was painful to watch. This shopper then offers her perspective. Kiss her butt. I mean, I'm sorry. You know? She's just not a nice person. You just have to feel good about yourself. You have to just tell yourself I'm a good person. It's like you put a plastic bubble around you? Should you put up with it? You need a job. Although customers overhear the way she was being spoken to, very few actually step in and say anything directly to our mean mother. Over a three-hour period there's a steady of flow of customers and yet only one shopper speaks up directly to our mean mom. Well, I'm sorry. It's upsetting to me to speak to someone like that in front of your child. I know it's none of my business but it's upsetting me to see you speak like that to her. How was I speaking to her? She's the help. There's nothing -- she just doesn't think. I have to -- you know, I'm gonna walk away. Okay. With so few people confronting our mom directly, we decide to see how people react if it's sweet little joli who is rude and condescending to her nanny. I told you five times already. It doesn't take long for diane goodman to step in and put our pint-size princess in her place. I left the list. I'm sorry. So stupid. Don't call me that. I could call you whatever i want. My mom says -- when mom comes back I'll tell her how slow you are. She just imitates the mom. It's just unbelievable. Is she bothering you? Are you bothering her? No. She's lovely. Let me know if she's bothering you. I'm not bothering her. Do you know how she feels? No. Are you her? No. Ut I did just tell you that you're being rude -- you know bothers me when I hear people talking to other people like that. There she is. I'm john quinones. It was so offensive so i wanted to do was supposed to convey to the nanny that be supportive of her and let her know that I thought the child's havior was really inappropriate and eventually communicate to the kid in some way her behavior was really inappropriate. And then along comes this woman, rebecca rose who is surprisingly compassionate to our nanny. You can't hire good people today. Are you okay? Yes. They're just like that. It's fine. I mean, just -- what can I do? She ne-- do you need help. I'll give you my phone number. Let me get a pen. I can't say much because i can lose my job. Call me when you have a few minutes. I don't know what I can do but i can at least help you maybe figure something out. You're generous. You gave her your number. What were you going to do. I have no idea but I thought when she had some private time maybe I could help her figure out some -- something to get herself out of the situation. And finally there's this woman who comes along with a levelheaded and calm approach toward joli. When's your birthday? JULY 28th. You're a leo. That's what I thought. This kid is a leo. You know what leo mean, right? Lion. But it also means that anybody born under the sign of leo really feels they deserve to be treated like a queen. You know, I have to tell you something because I don't work for you, I have never seen anyone as rude as you before.This is not the way to treat people. If you go through your life like that, people won't like you. I mean, you're a nice person. You're a beautiful girl. Thank you. And extremely smart. But also what makes people beautiful is how they act inside. But she's just my nanny. We're all equal. Just because someone has more money doesn't mean that they're better. Hi. I'm john quinones. Her gentle words, a reminder for joli, a reminder for all of us about how to treat our fellow man and our fellow woman.

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{"id":17468784,"title":"The Help: Woman Openly Berates Nanny","duration":"3:00","description":"Will anyone step in to defend the babysitter and teach the mom some respect?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/babysitter-nanny-child-mom-kids-help-wwyd-17468784","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}