What Would You Do?: Mean Barista

When coffee is served up with an attitude, will customers let off steam or take their coffee and go?
7:57 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for What Would You Do?: Mean Barista
We're back at the fine garage tiny -- triple chunks decaf -- Carmel latte. Where we let -- -- coffee Thomas who were ruined everyone's day by ordering very complicated cup of coffee. What order it. Coach ticket again. And get it right this time Anderson but what do we turned the people. Now now been ordered. But the server behind the counter like in this SNL's. -- -- -- yeah. The news agencies. -- -- There's a reason for. From star. Replaced means -- reasonable that machine with the real deep pass and again give decaf coffee. I just ridiculous Porter nothing they order seems to be worth the effort Steve if you had to deal with this very reason and now I'm the play in the real -- What would you do. And ice -- and an analyst here frontiers and can -- Isn't willing to listen to but he's -- Yet. -- years you coming in your piece of paper and you can now ice check here for his hair. That's just when I want MHI get your order right is that what you -- Right. Right away -- Dina takes this self service of rooms. OK. Yeah. And what is this you. Do you -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey you know I got back after in I started -- -- I got -- me I'm just stunned that here. You probably get paid like real let me -- -- getting nothing prepares to which. Like if things. -- and without this woman has had enough MacBook. What did you want to drink. At 13 in my heart -- -- But I never rat race back at just the -- -- that day. An Allen and every -- how would you describe her readers. Not yet -- And as we roll again this woman cannot believe what she's seeing. Do you think she's hoping it -- No I was in the back to paperwork. Everybody -- Yeah she's most as one of our best one we'll show you rated at Lucas you want to -- that would create. You're using you out of your heart it's just like you take something. Yeah and I just. Top dollar estimate that list but what do you want -- Lindsay don't they just getting -- out. Give me 12 everything I can figure out. Like using assailant then what I. Yeah. It. Doesn't happen when you put ice and -- -- -- don't. Before this woman puts our -- -- eyes it's. Time to introduce ourselves. -- good gravy and haven't you have any second thoughts about -- her. Why not because we -- -- -- society where no one wants to do right thing in the morning it must turn their eyes the other way. We'll have to help each other -- my. -- -- -- -- We -- one last time and -- Dana is right back -- it. Nine 56. Wonderfully nice. We just thought yeah. -- -- I think I had my final though yet. -- -- -- -- -- You -- yeah. Let -- I'm not here. Like their problem -- complicated or whether it's a hot day it's been a long day like yeah. You can't believe you don't. See -- -- -- -- is done. It would be very fresh ideas with the locals call it. -- understand what the. You might assume no matter it might just do it I'm warm coffee and yeah. I just don't I just -- -- -- and embezzlement I'm sorry. I's like yeah. Nice now -- know it's usually easy nice -- I -- Yeah. I couldn't -- over the -- that then. Unfortunately. This woman is out of -- there's no ice that -- -- just a camera crew to send that guy from what would you -- I. Payload ground -- would I want you yeah well as well. I don't know when it's unreal that what happened so he's always coming and disease that we get treated that way. So -- happy. -- -- -- -- It turns out that today the most popular thing on the menu whether you're a customer or or least didn't really matter just. Please. All that -- to.

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{"id":19352726,"title":"What Would You Do?: Mean Barista","duration":"7:57","description":"When coffee is served up with an attitude, will customers let off steam or take their coffee and go?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/barista--19352726","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}