Boss Threatens to Have Illegal Busboy Deported

Patrons react when a restaurant manager belittles his undocumented immigrant worker in this "WWYD" scene.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Boss Threatens to Have Illegal Busboy Deported
Better it with Benefiber. His name is juan, an immigrant from mexico in this country illegally. He works as a busboy. I need another side of bacon -- this is jeremy, his restaurant manager at the diner in new jersey. Illegal immigration, it's one of the most volatile political issues in the country today. Federal officials raided more than a dozen locations -- modern day plantation -- it was a terrible environment -- immigrant employee -- boss, I need to talk to you. In our scenario, juan is forced to work 70 hours a week, below minimum wage with no over time and sometimes doesn't get paid for weeks. I need money, too. If you don't get the table cleared I won't have any money. I need to send money to my family. Juan, I don't want to have this conversation right now. You have work to do. How will diners react when they hear this? If you want a job here? I can pick up the phone right now and you'll be back in mexico. What would you do? You do your job, let them do their job. Sorry. He's an immigrant. He doesn't know. Your server will be right with you. He's fresh off the boat. I'm probably going to let him go. As jeremy continues with insensitive remarks, this man is quietly fuming. Get the silverware first. Come on, let's go! I should have hired an american. Soon he explodes in anger. Why are you such an ? What do you mean? Why are you treating that guy like that? I'm trying to train him. Why are you talking to him like that? He's a human being. What's your problem? I'm sorry. He's an illegal immigrant. So you treat him like a piece of . Then he console our busboy. Listen, man, you don't have to take something like that, all right? Thank you. You don't have to take something like that. How are you doing, brother? Are you okay? How are you doing, man? You were fired up there, huh. A little bit, yeah. What bothered you the most. Immigrant or nonimmigrant, he's still human. I don't need the cameras. I know you don't but it's impressive. I got to tell you, that you would stand up for a stranger. You don't know the guy, right? No. I'm not having this conversation. It's a complicated issue and this couple doesn't want to get involved. Sorry. That's okay, sir. That's all right. That's your business. We're not paying attention. Do you think I should not work here? Sir, I don't want to get involved. That's your opinion. I need to talk to you. You haven't paid me in one month. You eat here every day. I know. Last month I let you sleep in the basement for four nights. I know. Do you want me to call immigration? Don't say that no more. This man complains and tells our manager to handle his business in private. What's the matter? Why don't you handle this in the back. I don't care what he is. The way you're handling it is ridiculous. You're belittling him. I didn't realize I was so loud. Pull him into another room and have those words. If he's illegal you shouldn't have him working here in the first place. Some customers want to help but guy etly. I don't have a green card. I'm illegal. And tell juan has to report his manager. Labor? U.S. Labor? I'll give you a number. Thank you. We try it again and this time take it to the extreme. You got a problem. Jeremy actually fires juan right in front of the customers. You need to pay me, man. You're fired, get out of here, go, leave. Get out of my restaurant and you're not getting the money. This woman is in such shock she's compelled to react and tells the hostess it's the manager who is illegal. I can't believe that. He's wound up tight. It's more than that. What he did was wrong. The guy told him he wouldn't pay him his money. That's illegal right there. He's the one that needs to be fired. Take that in the kitchen. He dogs him out the whole time we were sitting here, belittles him in front of everybody here. He's illegal. Regardless, he's a human. You shouldn't treat him that way. I'm going to tell that to his face when he comes over here. When she sees our cameras, relief. I am so glad this is what it is. I was really upset about that. I was upset about that. He was like trapped here, right? Yes, he was. He was trapped. No way out. The guy withheld his money for a month, what is he to do. And if he complains? He calls immigration, right back where he started. Come say hi. Hi. It's this woman who breaks our hearts. Do you want me to call immigration? No, call nobody. She's an immigrant herself from cuba. Today she's an american citizen and she's agonizing over what to do. One week you could pay me maybe? I said you'll get your money. Want me to send you back to mexico? I'll pay you tomorrow. If she sticks up for juan he may get deported, but she can't stand seeing him mistreated. . She tells juan he may need a lawyer, but of course, that's expensive. What are you talking to them about? Nothing. Get your stuff. Get out of here. You're fired. I don't want to argue. Why? You're fired, go. I told you not to talk to anybody. As our actor, juan, cries in the window -- he looks very sad. Isabelle is almost in tears herself. I'm john quinones. The manager is an actor and the young man is an actor. Dear god. We wanted to know what people would say. I'm sorry we upset you so much but it broke your heart, didn't it? Yeah, it's upsetting. When he was outside, what were you thinking? It's terrible. It's a terrible thing to happen to anybody, I don't care who you are. It's a terrible thing. These things happen in real life. I know. I've seen it happen. I've seen it. Anywhere it can happen. It's just horrible. You feel helpless like you can't help anybody. A helpless situation that millions of undocumented workers suffer alen. The resounding message today, all immigrants, whether in this country legally or not, should be treated fairly and with respect.

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{"id":21172306,"title":"Boss Threatens to Have Illegal Busboy Deported","duration":"3:00","description":"Patrons react when a restaurant manager belittles his undocumented immigrant worker in this \"WWYD\" scene.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/boss-threatens-illegal-busboy-deported-21172306","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}