Breaking Every Sexual Harassment Rule in the Book

Customers speak up when they see a manager harassing a waitress.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for Breaking Every Sexual Harassment Rule in the Book
we made our way up the jersey shore to the town of point pleasant beach. The arc is a place where after a day in the sun you can kick back, have a drink. And get sexually harassed? As far as you can. Jeremy is an actor who is breaking every sexual harassment rule in the book. Want that promotion? Drink up. Rebecca will play the new bartender here for the summer. We'll get a little picture. Today she is dealing with much more than drinks and appetizers. I don't want to make him mad. I don't want to get fired. Our hidden cameras are rolling and this man has a front row seat. Rebecca. Steve, nice to meet you. She's hot, right? Isn't she great? She's perfect. Did you see her rack? Talk about sexist? And he won't stop there. Now, see this line right here, you get to there you know it's halfway and if it's no rocks in it then you know it's enough. He even demands rebecca drink on the job. Rebecca -- I don't need to drink. You want the job, you want to work nights. Okay, here we go. Welcome to the arc. Really crazy. Want me to knock him out, strangle him? And yet jeremy won't quit. Make sure you squeeze in. That's what they're paying for. For steve, that is enough. So when is the stripper pole going in? Go what do you mean. Well, it seems -- she needs to show more of herself if she wants to make money. She's so uptight. I would be uptight to. You pay more if you show more skin. What's the matter. I will take my check. Was it something I did? I want you to have a nice time. You've nauseated me. Befor he's gone. Do you need some change. That is yours and it's not for your breasts. Thank you very much. That's very nice of you. We're rolling again and so is jeremy. A little ritual we have here. I don't drink at work. It doesn't take long for these two guys to jump right in. Wait -- don't make her drink. Thank you. All the way. Let's go. You want to work days? A strong warning followed by a menacing glare. Ou guys okay? This guy is no good. They complain to the manager, but, of course, she's also working with us. This is sexual harassment. I would never -- I don't know what we can do about it. Easy. When rebecca returns, they offer sympathy and support. I hope you don't mind if i say something. I'm worried he's going to get mad. Call me tomorrow at my office. I need help till september. I'll give you a job. I cod use the office staff. They turn to jeremy with a telling and ironic warning. There's cameras in the bar, as well. There are. One there, one there. One behind you. He's right. Time to break in with a few more cameras. If it was my daughter or sister, I'd want someone to stand up for them and hope someone else would do the same thing. And then along comes this guy who seems to be enjoying jeremy's antics. And I get your arms together and practice that. All right. You tip more if you have a sexy bartender. Every summer a whole new crop. Hey, that's nice. Shooting fish in a barrel. If she wants to work night, come over to my house, we'll do a little work on the schedule. Exactly. Easy. Real quick. That's right. And then we notice this couple in the back. Laughing. You guys okay? What's that guy? He's the new manager. He's the new manager? He should be the old manager. What's the owner's name here. Tony. You got to get rid of this guy. He's terrible. He's actually terrible. In front of everybody. Here. She wants to work at night she has to be a little loose. This is tony. Okay, thank you. We'll be in touch. As soon as he leaves the restaurant he calls the manager. Mr. Nelson. Of course, hello. He gets me instead. And so sorry, sir, I am so sorry. I'm john quinones. Time to come clean and meet steve. I'm so sorry to upset you. Oh, man, big time. And I'm an employer of 35 people so neither one of us would stand up for that type of behavior. Is he a hero, this guy? Yes, he is. The new manager? He should be the old manager. Chivalry alive and well when it comes to a woman being harassed. But what if the victim is a young attractive male. And the manager, traci. I would open this up a little bit. Now it's harassment with a woman's touch. With that reversed will people still get involved. I think people are giving me high-fives and stuff. Look for the bud light. Like you have to really bend down. He'll do anything you want for a dollar. Yeah, not illegal. No, it's not. Traci is unrelenting. Can you do me a favor. I want to take a pictureith him. Not a big deal. Not a big deal for this man either. Kiss me on my cheek. He thinks it's kind of funny. You can get away with a lot when you're a boss. Right? That's a good one. That's great. A stark difference from what we witnessed earlier. Oh, yeah. But just when we think no one will see this as harassment along comes this man. Never seen anything like this. Two words in mind. Sexual harassment. Whoever owns this bar could be liable for big bucks. He offers one more word. That's right, lawsuit. If it's a guy -- it works for you just like it work works for them. That picture, evidence. It turns out jim horling is not a lawyer although he certainly sounds like one. That is for a guy, what makes a difference is when the individual being harassed is uncomfortable. In other words, it shouldn't matter whether them is a man or a woman, harassment is just plain wrong.

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{"id":17296106,"title":"Breaking Every Sexual Harassment Rule in the Book","duration":"3:00","description":"Customers speak up when they see a manager harassing a waitress.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/breaking-sexual-harassment-rule-book-17296106","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}