Car Thieves Get More Than They Bargained For

In this "WWYD" scenario, patrons witness a man stealing from a car right under their noses.
7:51 | 05/30/14

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Transcript for Car Thieves Get More Than They Bargained For
Reporter: We're back in Mississippi. And Lauryn is making a quick stop at babalu taco and tapas in Jackson. Yeah, I'm just grabbing food at babalu. Reporter: She doesn't know that while she's grabbing her food, trouble is just around the corner ready to grab her stuff. Reporter: Within seconds, a thief is reaching into her car and helping himself to her personal belongings. Burglary in broad daylight. We filmed this same scenario once before in New York. We had a white actor and a black actor playing our thieves. At the end of the day, our white actor was only stopped 1 out of 5 times, while our black actor was stopped 75% of the time. So now we're travelling 1,200 miles south, putting it to the test in Jackson, Mississippi. Will reactions, and results, be the same? We've dressed today's actors in the same outfit from head to toe. How often will they get away with the goods? If you see a thief stealing from someone's car, "What would you do?" We get our car into place. Right away, we see that these women aren't afraid to make a lot of noise when they see something wrong. Hey! Hey! Hey! Get him! Get him! Tell Gabriel to run for his life! What happened, ladies? This guy just stole this lady's purse and stuff out of her car and I hollered at those guys over there, "Stop him. He's stealing her stuff." Reporter: And the chase begins. The women take separate routes in hot pursuit of our thief and we've got them covered from all angles. One races through the parking lot while this one searches behind the restaurant. What did he look like? Did you see him? He was round face, medium skin. Did you see that guy with the Navy blue hoodie? Reporter: With the thief nowhere to be found, the women return to their table. Well, no offense, but I wouldn't leave my car running with the windows down either. You know that's not real smart. There he is right there. That's what I'm talking about, girl! What happened here? Oh, my god. Why get involved? Why get involved? Because it could've been us. But you could've gotten hurt? Uh, well, we could have, but we didn't. You didn't even think about it. No, we didn't think about it. Especially her. She ran further than I did. But you were the loudest. I am the loudest. I have been known to be the loudest. Reporter: We run it again. Will this group of dentists be as loud? We have action. They're all looking. Reporter: And as soon as they see what's going on here, they jump right in. Hey. Reporter: Get ready. Like a superhero in scrubs, this customer takes matters -- and a chair -- into his own hands. Hey. Whoa. Reporter: Our "What would you do?" Security rushes in. What are you doing? It's mine. Have a good day. Reporter: Take another look. It's one of the most frantic moments of the day. The chair comes within inches of hitting our actor. Time Te to break things up before anyone gets hurt. Guys, I'm John Quinones. You're on a show called "What would you do?" Are you okay? I've seen you on TV. Yeah, we wanted to see what people reacted to down here. I saw some of it right now. I think they pretty much take care of each other down here. Does that say something about Jackson and the south, Dixie? Well, that we're friendly people and we really enjoy taking care of each other and we're a nice, solid community? Yeah. You're not gonna play that across the nation, are you? We don't really want people to know how good it is down here. It's the best-kept secret. Now, whether the thief was black or white, would it have mattered? No, I wouldn't have cared. I'd have still hit him with the chair. This is our actor, Gabriel. You know what saved you? What's that? I didn't want to miss you and hit the car. Smart thinking. Reporter: Just like we saw in New York, it looks like our black actor just isn't going to get away with the crime. Now let's change things up and see what the reactions are when the white actor tries his hand. Lauryn pulls up right next to this group. No, I'm just running into babalu to pick up the food. Reporter: They all notice the thief. And they're stunned. The whole thing happens right in front of their eyes and in seconds, the thief is gone. This customer takes off to track down the thief. We're right behind him as he finds Ben in a back alley and we break the scene not a second too soon. "What would you do?" Holy cow. I can't believe this. This is not even real. What did you see? Once he ran off really quickly, we were like, "Hold on." We ran in there, you know. I guess, grabbed or I mean, I don't, I'm no one special. Just, I would hope anyone would do that for me. Reporter: So, we run it one last time. Another diner in scrubs sits down for lunch. Uh-oh. Should we lock down the chairs? I'm just going to run in and grab the food real quick. Here comes our thug. Stolen goods in hand, Ben makes his getaway. Greg Tisdale is right behind him. And Joshua Shirkey just happened to be in the parking lot as our thief tried to make his getaway. That's him. The guy in the hoodie's got your stuff. Reporter: He heard the commotion and jumped right in. Lets go. Hello there, buddy. I'm John Quinones. This is a TV show called "What would you do?" Are you serious? Yes. Why step in? Why did I step in? Because I thought I was doing the right thing. That's right. There's a lot of thugs around this area. So, you know, I grew up around here. So, why wouldn't you help out? Why is it important that we look out for each other like this? Well, I think you just answered your own question. 'Cause it's important that we look out for each other. Did it matter whether the thief was black or white or -- No. Why would it matter? A thief is a thief. Reporter: So, for Greg and Joshua, blowing the whistle on a thief was almost second nature. But, they certainly weren't the only ones. We saw it over and over again, with both of our thieves. The good people of Jackson, Mississippi, yelled out or jumped in, the same number of times with our black actor and our white actor to catch a thief. And if you want the world to change, it's gotta start with one person. You've gotta be that example, if you want other people to see it, and live by it. You don't go telling people what to do, you need to show them how to do it.

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{"id":23939192,"title":"Car Thieves Get More Than They Bargained For ","duration":"7:51","description":"In this \"WWYD\" scenario, patrons witness a man stealing from a car right under their noses.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/car-thieves-bargained-23939192","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}