Cashier Gets Pushy About Touting Healthy Food

How much would you endure from a cashier who claims he knows what's good for you?
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for Cashier Gets Pushy About Touting Healthy Food
the food police. Going gluten free. Antioxidants. Seems like everyone has an opinion about what we should or shouldn't be eating. You keep eating and eating and eating. Amino boosters. Today there is one more voice you're hearing. Listen, I just want you to be healthy. Look what you have here. This is not good. We're back with howie mandel at kilroy's grocery store. He's posing as your friendly cashier who is also an overzealous health nut claiming that only he knows what foods are best for you. You are the customer and i was the guy asking you questions, "what would you do?" On. You ready, ma'am? Yep. Wow, is this it for you. That's it. Healthwise, I don't think that's going to work. You want to be able to absorb the calcium. In order to absorb calcium, you have to 00 combine your food. Our first customer tries to reassure howie she's eating just fine. I have some of those other things at home already. But he's not falling for the have that at home trick. Jeremy, will you get her -- I'm going to get fiber, something with fiber. Yep. And get her some protein. Yep. Carrots maybe. I don't want anything else. He's getting it. No problem. Just stay right where you are. I would just like to buy the milk. I know what you would just like to do. She pleads with howie. I already have protein and cheese and eggs. Okay, what do you have. And walnuts and olive oil and fiber. I have all of that at my house already. But that's just not good enough for howie and now jeremy is back with the goods. This is better milting for you. Much better. It is. It's organic. It's organic. Is anybody in the store going to help me. I'm helping you. What happened to my other milk? But it's not just the milk that howie's got problems with. I'm going to be honest with you, healthwise this is not balanced as far as you have greens and eggs but you have no protein or fibe I'm going to make guacamole so I came to get cilantro and leeks too. If you don't have enough fiber in your body nothing is moving. He's righ I need you -- I would love to get you fashion. Whole grain. On a scale of one to ten all kidding aside how irritable is your bowel? Everything is fine. But fine is a relative term for our trusty checkout team. German dark wheat, really top of the line. I don't really want this. Well, no, this is what you want. Yeah, I know. This is what you need. Need. When is the last time you had a bowel movement? Everything's really fine. Everything's going smoothly. She's right, everything really is fine. This is "what would you do?" I didn't expect to be on tv today and you're howie mandel. Yes. How are you doing? I'm great, thank you. You went along with it. I thought it would move me along a little faster. Don't say move along. Exactly. Lightheaded. Even between scenes it was howie being howie with crazy antics. Whatever yont, put it in and we will re go. Like picking up and carrying customers shopping cart. There you go. Out here. Now you're getting a little pushy. Can I help you? Want me to get your cart? Oh. Holy crap. You're howie mandel. Yeah. His energy boundless. But not everyone is buying howie's shtick. This woman really wants her ice cream. I'm not going to ring up the ice cream. Why is that? Too much sugar. I want that, please. You can't have ice cream. Gluten-free crackers. I don't want that thing. What, you're saying you'd rather have ice cream than gluten-free crackers. Yes. You know what, your health is in my hands. I'm taking over, you're getting the crackers and meat. No ice cream. Jeremy, take the ice cream back to aisle six. You know what, I'm going to walk out of here. No, no. Next, along comes this guy and now even howie has his doubts. Here we go. I'm about to get killed. Watch this. Are you moving your bowels? Oh, yeah. Somewhat irritable, very irritable? Slightly irritable? Slightly. Just your pallor and everything you're not hydrated enough. See this, jeremy, we need some -- feel this. Feel this. You're not -- you hydrate. More hydrated it fills up. We got to get some water. Okay. Jeremy? I'm on it. Those telltale cheeks. Another classic case of dehydration. Jeremy. Yeah. More water. Get him the organic water. Organic water? Jeremy, coconut water for the dehydrated, slightly irritable -- slightly irritable? Water. More water. Each coconut water has two bana bananas' worth of potassium and what does potassium do for you. Leg cramps. Are your legs cramping? Finally one more bit of advice. I say we got to go to the john. You want the john to come to We'll bring it in from the back. 100% organic. Can we have the john? Time to bring in the john. I'm john quinones. How are you doing? Nice to meet you. Did you notice anything? You're such a great sport. This guy was crazy. Ah. You don't say. Howie -- yes, how are you, buddy. I can't shake your hands. Only the fist. He knows. Whether he took howie's advice or not, there's one thing the good people at kilroy's learned today, laughter is, indeed, the very best medicine. How did you end up in kilroy's. We came down the street and made a left at the first light.

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{"id":17410525,"title":"Cashier Gets Pushy About Touting Healthy Food","duration":"3:00","description":"How much would you endure from a cashier who claims he knows what's good for you?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/cashier-pushy-touting-healthy-food-17410525","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}