Casino Bandito

A woman scrounges in a "wishing pool" for quarters to keep gambling.
6:52 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for Casino Bandito
Reporter: We're back at the mohegan sun, where the stakes are high and for the lucky ones, the payouts can be, too. But things are not going so well for this woman. It's our actress, traci. And today, she's playing someone who has lost it all. We are checking our mikes, we're doing this thing. Reporter: While gamblers try to win big dollars on the gaming floor, she's skimming for change on this fountain's floor. Hoping to scrape enough together to head back to the slots just one more time. She's desperate and determined. Come to momma. Reporter: She gets some words of advice. If you can't afford to gamble, don't gamble. If you go back to the slots, you're just going to lose. Reporter: But that doesn't stop her for asking for help. Can I -- do you mind if I ask you a favor? Can you -- because you don't have any sleeves -- do you mind if you -- can you just grab a few of the quarters for me, please? I have had a rough week. No. You know they will call the police on you. Are you serious? Yes. You're not supposed to take the money out. You're supposed to put the money in. Like they're worried about $1.50. Will be listen, they're worried about every time. Yeah, but I have to go back and tell my husband that I lost all that money, and that's not what's going to be good. Shouldn't have done that. I know. Might need to go to gamblers anonymous. No, I don't have a problem. I just -- you are taking money out of the pool. You're telling me you don't have a problem? Reporter: Time and time again, customers give what they can, out of their own pockets. Oh, thank you. From a few cents -- I appreciate it. Reporter: To a few dollars. I'm going to give you $5. Oh, thank you so much. Reporter: And more. I don't want to see you scuba diving for quarters, that's not right. Yeah, I know. Here, I'll give you some. Here's $50. Thank you. Reporter: Wow. He gave her $50. Hi, how are you doing, sir? Hey, john. Reporter: I'm john quinones. I've gotta give you a 50, too? Reporter: You don't know this woman. Ah, what are you going to do? You get it back. You do good things in life, you get it back, right? Reporter: And then there are those who literally provide a helping hand, instead of giving a handout. Do you think this is a good idea? Yeah. Oh, yeah? It's allowed? Oh, I don't know if it's allowed or not. Can you grab that other one? That's a little further from me. I'm going to the slots with this money. Well, hopefully somebody's wish is going to come true for you then. Can you just hold onto my belt loop? Sure. So I don't fall in? You got it. I do. Almost, a little more, a little more this way. Almost. Okay, got it. Thank you, guys. You need that quarter? Yes, sir. You have great hands, too. That's awesome. As many as you can get. I'll hold them right here. One -- use this on the slot machine. I can't believe I'm doing this. Thank you so much. You are awesome. Reporter: And this next guy? Traci doesn't give him a choice but to help her. Sir, you can just dry these off for me? Dry them? What do you mean? They're wet. Er I have to go get more -- you can't be taking money out of the fountain. Why not? No, that's the money for people, they're going to give that away. That's for the poor people. I'm poor. Can I borrow that green thing -- you can't borrow anything from me. It's like a fishing hook. No, it's not a fishing pole. Reporter: He looks around for a casino employee. So, we send in our actress, kristen. Somebody is taking money out of the fish pond. Who? The girl over there. See her? See her taking money out. Did she drop something? No, she's taking it out for herself. She must be throwing money in. She is not. She's taking money out because she lost all her money gambling. She has a towel over there, she's drying it off and she's going to use it to gamble with. Reporter: How are you doing, sir? I watch your show. Very nicely done. Reporter: So, you ratted her out. Well, I did, absolutely, because she wasn't doing the right thing. I didn't get to be 83 years old being bad. Reporter: Traci tries her luck one last time, by asking this woman for help. Can you just help me real quick? I can't reach far enough. Can you hold my belt loops so i can just try to get some more coins? No. What are you, crazy? So you could go into the water? Reporter: She makes it clear she's not up for traci's fountain foolishness. I've gotten $3.50, but I need $5 just to start the slot again. I've had a bad -- you are going to make me cry now. No, no. Stop the dramatics. I'm not going to have people taking money out of somewhere for you to play those games. I'm sorry, I ain't happening. And I will report you. Sorry. Reporter: But traci insists on fishing for coins just one re time. Remember what I told you. I have no problem doing it. I can't stand a freaking crook. I will turn her in in a second. I have no problem. I have a backbone bigger than this freaking building. Reporter: Time to send our casino worker back in. She's sticking her hands into the water. Are you sure? I mean, she just looks like she went to the gym. Is it not sweat? If you are that naive, you need to get somebody else to come over here. She asked me if I would help her hold her pants so she takes money out because she has $3 and some change that she's already stolen out of there and needs $5 to go gamble. So, you need to go get somebody to watch this woman because i keep telling her, don't let me see you do it again, because i will turn you in. Okay, let me go find someone. Did you just tell that woman? Did you just tell that woman? I certainly did. Are you the fountain police? I don't understand. I'm a human being and you're being a crook. You ask me to help you do it and I have no problem opening my mouth. And she already told me she saw you doing it. She's the fountain police. No, I'm not a fountain police. You're stealing. Reporter: Hi. Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Reporter: How are you? I'm john quinones. This is "what would you do?" So, this is a setup. Oh, freaking, you're kidding me. Reporter: You were serious. I don't believe in that crap. Reporter: How lewd use was this? It was crazy. Have me help her? Oh, my gosh. Reporter: Hold my belt loops. Oh, god no. I don't care if she was ten feet tall and the scariest person on earth. No. I got a backbone bigger than this building. Sorry. Reporter: At the end of the day, we returned every coin that traci was given. And the money she took from the mountain? Well, every penny was dropped right back in.

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{"id":19529592,"title":"Casino Bandito","duration":"6:52","description":"A woman scrounges in a \"wishing pool\" for quarters to keep gambling.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/casino-bandito-19529592","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}