Children Turn to Shoplifting When Mom Says 'No'

A school teacher convinces the kids to return the items they tried to steal in this "WWYD" scenario.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Children Turn to Shoplifting When Mom Says 'No'
It's the holiday shopping season. This mom has got her list and she's checking it twice. You guys, we're just picking up something quick for grandma's birthday, okay? Her kids are naughty, not nice. I want it! We are here just for a couple of things that we need, not things that we want. Mom refuses to buy these kids what they demand. I have an idea. If mom won't let us buy our toys, then maybe we have to steal them. Five finger discount. Exactly. What would you do if you witnessed these pint sized sticky fingers. Oh, my god! Mom! What? You have to buy me this. We're not here to get things for you guys. Mom, please, just one thing. Because their mom won't buy them toys, they hatch a plan. If we can't buy it, then steal it. We're going to steal. Here, do you want to put this in your pocket? She is not sure it's real. You're not really going to do that, are you? I'm going to steal it. No. That's not nice. My mom won't get it for me. Too bad. What do you mean? He's got something in his jacket. I think he'll be wanting to take. He put something in his --? Yes. I'm sorry. But my kids don't steal. They know better than that. Yeah, I'm not -- hey, you're a liar. You are. Come on, let's go. We're going. Bye, liar. She looks for the owner but gets us instead. Are you looking for these bandits? I'm john quinones. It's "what would you do." It was pretty spectacular. These were bad little kids, huh. You had me convinced that you were going to take it. Yeah. You can't take things from people, especially at christmas. It's about giving, not taking. Our brats are at it again. It's christmas and I want it! This next woman knows a thing or two about kids. She writes children's books. She'll never notice. I don't think you should do that. I really don't think you should do that. That's not fair to the -- be quiet. That's not fair to the person who owns this store. We want it. I know but that's not something you do. Why not? It's christmas. It's gifts. It's not something that you do. You should put that back. Put it all back. Where is your mom? She charges off to find mom. We didn't steal anything. They're putting things under their coats so they can leave with them. I'm not the owner but it just doesn't seem right. Oh, my god! You're kidding. I'm shaking. Why is it important to speak up like that? We're human beings and we are in a community. Children are children so I can imagine a lot of children feel that urge so I get it. This mother of three also bel blows the whistle. My children? They're taking things. Wait, guys, open their jackets. Now. No. Now. Why? Open it. Sorry. Sorry. I don't work here. Don't apologize to me. I knew. I said I feel like I'm on one of those shows. That's so funny. No hesitation at all? No hesitation. Why not? These people are our neighbors and our friends. You just look out for each other. That's the only way the world will work. In our final scene we meet liz torres, a school teacher. She's gentle and calm. What will she do? What about this hat? Let's steal this, right? You can't steal from the store. I'm sorry, but I have to because my mom won't buy it. Can you not just say anything? But I don't think you should take that. You should put it back. But my mom won't buy it. Put it back. Go! I won't say anything if you put it back. Hurry up. Hurry up. All right. Put everything back. I'll put everything back. She doesn't tell the mom, but does warn the store clerk. They took the scarf and took things but I told them put it back. They said my mom won't buy it so they went back. I don't know if they put everything back. Watch them. Don't say anything because i told them to put it back. Bye. Bye. Thank you. Hi there. I'm john quinones. You tricked me. You handled it so calmly and gently and softly. There is no way you should take things that don't belong to you. You should always be honest. If you are a good boy or good girl, perhaps you'll get it for the holiday if you want it that bad. After all, santa knows if you have been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.

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{"id":21256185,"title":"Children Turn to Shoplifting When Mom Says 'No'","duration":"3:00","description":"A school teacher convinces the kids to return the items they tried to steal in this \"WWYD\" scenario.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/children-turn-shoplifting-mom-21256185","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}