Not Funny: Crowd Calls Out Mean Comic

Audience members react after an "insult comic" calls women "fat" and invokes Asian stereotypes.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Transcript for Not Funny: Crowd Calls Out Mean Comic
In the world of stand-up, audiences pile into comedy clubs all over the country to get the giggles. Thank you. I want you to deposit a check and they ask me for i.D. I go, are you telling me other people are trying to put money in my account? And, of course, comics are never shy about making the audience part of the act. Nice crowd. We got people from all over the place. How are you doing, sir? What was lincoln like as a president? Ever go wild and wear each other's glasses? But what happens when giggles turn into gsaps. Setting up shop at one of the hottest comedy clubs in the country. Stand-up new york to find out when comedy goes too far, what would you do? Is this your girlfriend? Really? What website did you meet her on? Holy jesus. Did you meet her when you were in nam? Looks brutal, doesn't it? Well, we're to blame. Both the comic and the couple he's insulting are w forking us. Don't try this at home. And we're watching it all unfold from behind the scenes. So will anyone stand up to this stand-up comic? She makes all your clothes for like a nickel an hour, right? When you get mad at him, do you call him round eye? The racist jokes fly and at this one table the applause and laughter just keep coming. But as the insults go on and on, the rest of the room goes silent. If you're drunk, you could have her drive because if the cops pull her over and say open your eyes, she could say, they are. Most of the audience is uncomfortable and this woman is compelled to say something. These guys aren't rolling with it. It's a little uncomfortable. These byes aren't rolling with it as much. Yeah, just a little bit. She bombed you at pearl harbor. They turn into I cheering section. We're the only ones on your side right now. But the rest of the room is not amused. Time for us to find out why. I'm john quinones and this is part of "what would you do?" The tv show. I thought he was hilarious. We're having fun with it. Nobody was up there crying. We're at a comedy club because, you know, woo he could take this -- that's what makes us laugh. What if you're the type of person that can't take it? I'm puerto rican. You're -- you're white. Listen, everybody loves everybody. Is she right? Is every subject fair game? Recently comedy central star daniel tosh answered that question the hard way. Comedian and host of the tv show "tosh.0 is in hot water after he made a race joke during a stand-up set. So once again at another show we asked rich to attack our actors. Is this your girlfriend? Yeah. Are you serious? She's 12. She's not like from a service maybe like you're paying for this? Kind of -- does she do the nailsy is that the reason? You know, enough. Enough. I'm just saying it's kind of weird. I see an old man -- come on. Come on. The laughter stops and the crowd fights back. Now, wait a second. Whoa, hold on. Move on. Move on. It's a comedy club. It's a comedy club? Yes. All right. Break it? Yeah, let's break it. The audience starts walking out and it's our cue to walk in. Hi, ho on. Usually he's not this mean, It got a little uncomfortable for me and I've been in a lot of uncomfortable situations. That one was kind of rough. How about you, sir? What did you think? You were pretty upset. Where we come from we don't do that kind of behavior. I didn't kif I should move the table and stop him or leave. What do you hope people will learn from this watching the show. Stand up when you don't think it's right, you walk out. You guys were ready to walk out. It is a mass exodus here. At our last show, we replaced our first couple with these two plus sized actresses so will anyone come to their defense? Two fat white chicks right here. I'm telling you. You guys friends? Yeah. Where did you guys meet, at a buffet? What? I'm just asking. Once again, the cocktail tables turn. Where are you from? New york. New york. What part, albany where there's more space? Most of the audience is reluctant to challenge rich. I see spaghetti running down your face. Oh, my god. Can you just move on, please? But then this one young lady bravely comes to the defense of our actors. Are you serious? Why, because you -- why did you step on stage if you weren't going to do anything but insult people? How many people by a round of applause like that? The audience stands together. Some even insult our insult comic. I know you stink. I do stink. How many people want to complain to the manager? Do you want to complain? I'm john quinones. This is all part of the tv show "what would you do?." You set us up. You set us up. Holy cow. I never do that. I never do that. You're good. You're good. Were you going to walk out? I wanted to harass him some more and get on his case and turn the takes. Do you remember the young lady who spoke up first? For her this scenario really hits home. I'm an emt. I see people with all kinds of disabilities and in the process of trying to lose weight so i know how it feels. He pissed me off. She was an actor. Oh! Oh, my god. There she is. I just wanted to say hello. Can I get a picture with you after? Thank you. We're hoping someone would so thank you. You are an inspiration. whoo! And what does our professional comic, rich voss, think about this? After all he is playing the bad guy here. Did anything surprise you when i came out and how people reacted. It's like taking an anvil off my chest. Hey, folks, it's not real. I like to save you.

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{"id":17468636,"title":"Not Funny: Crowd Calls Out Mean Comic","duration":"3:00","description":"Audience members react after an \"insult comic\" calls women \"fat\" and invokes Asian stereotypes.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/comic-insult-stereotypes-asian-racial-jokes-wwyd-17468636","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}