Customer Cuts in Line and Wins Prize Vacation, WWYD?

When patrons allow our actor to cut in line at a grocery store they miss out on a "Getaway Giveaway."
7:33 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for Customer Cuts in Line and Wins Prize Vacation, WWYD?
You're out shopping one day at the food cellar in Long Island city, New York, and suddenly, this man comes rushing toward you. Hey, do you mind if I just squeeze in front of you? I only have one thing. I'll be super quick. Reporter: Of course you agree. I mean, there's signs just about everywhere about some contest, and a big prize but what are the odds you'll one? Oh! 5 million customers! Sir, congratulations. Reporter: Well, it turns out that today, those chances are pretty good. You just won our winter getaway give away. Reporter: An all-inclusive vacation to Hawaii. A five-star escape from the cold and the gloom. I'm going to Hawaii! Reporter: But wait a minute. If this was real, his prize would have been yours. What would you do? Um -- excuse me. I'm in a huge rush. Would you mind if I just jump in front of you? Is that okay? Thank you so much. It's one of those -- Yeah. Crazy days. Reporter: It's about to get a whole lot crazier. A bit of a -- 5 million customers! Congratulations, my man! You just won a five-star vacation to Hawaii. To q'uahanawana lulu in Hawaii! To Hawaii? Reporter: Dion Minott is stunned. He can't believe his luck. This is crazy! I didn't expect anything like this. Reporter: But in his mind, they're in this together. Dude -- thank you. Dude, we should sell the tickets and go half. Sell them and go half? In a world where there is justice, you sell the tickets and we just split half. Or you take him. Or sell the tickets. Are you serious about selling -- Happy holidays. What should I do? You should pay for that. Reporter: Within minutes, Dion talked himself down from splitting that trip to a pay lunch. So, if I pay for that, you're cool with my -- Call it even Steven. Really? I really would. I don't even know. You made my lunch. Aw. Reporter: And Dion has made our episode of "What would you do?" Hi there, John Quinones with "What would you do?" They're all actors. This wasn't real. Wow. Am I still getting this for free? Yes! Reporter: It could have been you. You weren't angry? No. I know how these things go. It's first come first serve, dog eat dog and all. You just got to keep on moving on moving on. Reporter: So we move on and see that attitude over and over again. Do you guys mind if I go ahead? I just have one thing. My car -- You sure? Thank you so much. Woo! Five millionth customer! Sir you, won. I won -- You you're our 5 millionth customer. You won a two-week -- You guys together? So, this would have been you? Yeah. That's okay, that's okay. It wasn't for me. Are you upset deep down? No. I wish, but he's -- Wow. Reporter: Time to meet Andres. How you are doing, man? Come on. This is "What would you do?" Angry? No, not at all. Reporter: Really? He's not going. I feel better now. I think things happen for a reason, you know. When it is for you, it is for you and nobody can take it away. It wasn't for me. Reporter: Others clearly feel more strongly about that prize. Would you guys mind if I jump ahead. What if he wins the trip to Hawaii? Is that a possibility? Well, then he has to give it to me. Lucky 5 millionth customer. Immediately he's tipped off that something could go terribly wrong for him here. How do you know? Will this ring? Yeah, when I scan the first item, it comes up quick. Oh, my god. This better not be it. Reporter: But we all know what's going to happen here. Frankie Hamilton is about to be left out in the cold. Oh my god. You are a liar. You are such a liar. You are such a liar. Are you -- No way! Sir, congratulations. You just won. We just let him cut in front of us. This is part of our winter giveaway. This is not possible. This would have been you, my man. This should be me. Reporter: He wants in on that trip one way or the other. I'll go with you. You want to go with me? Let's go. I don't know. What's your name? Let's go. Frank. Okay. Looks like his girlfriend might have to sit this one out. It's wrd were, the TV show. Oh, my god. Reporter: You said, maybe I should go with you. Yeah. That would have been a fair deal, though. I mean, you do something nice and you expect something nice back, so, I guess -- Reporter: Share the prize. Yeah. Exactly. That's what people should do. Reporter: You give a little, you get a little back. This next man echoes that sentiment right away. Do you guys mind if I just jump ahead. For a small fee. You got to make deems, you know? Reporter: How will he deal with this? 5 millionth customer! Congratulations. Are these your parents? Yes, how are you, son? Who is he taking, me or her? Again, he's faced with unexpected travel buddibuddies. Bull then their tone changes. You're not mad at him? He got it, no problem. Don't worry about it. Congratulations. Thank you so much. So nice to meet you guys. Reporter: There's a reason they're not upset. Hi, guys, how are you? You see, Dennis and Carmela figured out long ago what's really important in life. We have a grandson, 8 months old, Ryan Dennis. And he's everything to us, so -- We went a long time ago. I'm a breast cancer survivor. I'm blessed anyway. She beat it, so, our grandson makes it happy. Reporter: An island vacation would be nice, they say, but family and good health -- now that's the greatest blessing of

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{"id":24037798,"title":"Customer Cuts in Line and Wins Prize Vacation, WWYD?","duration":"7:33","description":"When patrons allow our actor to cut in line at a grocery store they miss out on a \"Getaway Giveaway.\"","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/customer-cuts-line-wins-prize-vacation-wwyd-24037798","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}