Dad Pressures Underage Son to Buy Alcohol

Will anyone speak up when a father urges his teen to buy booze?
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for Dad Pressures Underage Son to Buy Alcohol
A parent's job is to care for their children. I love you. I want the best for you. And provide for them. Whatever you need, it's yours. All you need to do is ask? But what happens when a parent provides a little too much? Two words, jell-o shots. Many are guilty of trying to be the cool parent. Vodka. Tequila. Shots of tequila. Trying to relive their adolescence and do what other parents just won't. The news from all across the country is full of stories of parents supplying their underage children and in many cases their children's friends with alcohol. Two parents due in court with charges of providing alcohol to the teenagers. And allowing those teens to drink alcohol. So we wanted to find out what people will do if they see one of these dads in action buying alcohol for his underaged child. We're putting it to the test at this liquor store and bar in monroe township, new jersey. Kids are all going to have fun. You'll fit right in. We need some vodka too. We don't need vodka. I don't want to go overboard. Can we get coke. A little soda too. This woman enters the store and immediately takes notice of father and son and it doesn't take long for blanche marquito to react. You can't buy that alcohol item. That's underage drinking. You cannot do it. All the kids do it. It's going to be at my house. Then you'll be the one arrested. You can't sell it to him because you know. You can't sell it to him and I'm going to stay here. Call the police. Go ahead. Give it to me. I'll call them. Despite that threat our cool dad just won't give up. You never been to a party for kids? No, never. Never. My oldest is 30. Never. It's the wrong message to send. And he knows it. He wants to put the stuff back. Find the phone. This guy is buying alcohol for minors. What are you doing? 911 -- no, no, anything that happens in the united states is my business. I'm sorry. I'm a mom. I have to agree with her. All right. I'm going to put it back. I'm going to put it back. Okay? Good call. Good call. Buy them soft drinks. Thl be happy with that. When he leaves the store the caring customers have some kind words for young blake. Thank you a lot. Oh, what a speedheart you are. Look at you. Come on. We'll be fine. You don't want the friends that are going to get drunk anyway. Are you kidding me? What was going through your mind? She said he was 16. His father was trying to push alcohol on him. Started yelling at him. Because -- for crying out loud. Danger here? He could be arrested. He could lose a child, the father, the parent. They could have alcohol poisoning. I mean, what's wrong. Where does this come from? This anger, this concern? Raising four kids. Never letting them drink at the house under age. Never did? No, no, we never did. And the argument that maybe it's okay because they're inside the house so they won't be on the road. If it's okay in my house then they'll think it's okay in everybody else's house. Instead of calling the cops this next customer, a bartender, believe it not starts calling out drinks that she would buy for his son, drinks with alcohol. What do they drink. What do they drink? Twisted tea. Grab a six-pack of twisted tea. Smirnoff ice is good. They'll like smirnoff ice right there. Smirnoff ice? Yeah, that's safe. That's good. You should be my shopper. Get this party back. Want to come to the party. Sure, if I wasn't working the bar tonight, I would. There will be a bunch of kids but I'll be there. Yeah, let me have two cases of -- that's a lot of alcohol. Be a nice dad and get him some blue moons. Yeah, definitely. Thank you. I'll see you later. Time for us to meet nicole dequero. I thought it was a little strange for a father getting all that liquor. Said it was for a party. For his son's party. Smirnoff ice. Yes, yes. I thought the owners could stop him, you know. You don't think you were kind of helping him a little. Helping him? Well, advising him on what he should buy for his son, it seemed like it was controlled at home, so, you know. Not all customers are this ha hands-on. Some take their time before they react. While victor is doing his shopping he tells our dad what he thinks about what he's just done. In this day and age, you gotta be nuts. It's at my house. I don't think so. All the kids -- no, they don't. I was 16 once too. Yeah, so was i. Not like that. It's ridiculous. I don't feed kids alcohol at this age, sorry. In this age, it's in my house. Big deal. You should put it back. I'll put it back. Yeah, I'm serious. Outside the store, we catch up with victor pequasio. What were you thinking. Kids should not be drinking at this age. You told him that. Absolutely. And he's saying, at 16 he did it. I didn't do it at 16. I would never do it so i wouldn't want my kids to do it either. Luckily they're grown up and they're fine. He said, mind your own business. In this case, I can't. Why not? Because you got to take responsibility somewhere so i got to have my say in that. Our last customer of the day has no problem speaking up to our dad and showing him his disapproval. You kidding about letting him drink, right. No. Hello. The man gets a phone call but quickly hangs up so that he can continue talking to -- underage, you listening to that you all do that in new jersey? Just mind your business. You know who I am? He -- it doesn't matter. Do I look like I'm playing. Do I look like I'm joking. For a kid's party. Buying booze for a kid. Do you think I'm joking? Teenagers. Does it look like I'm joking? Okay. Take a swing at this man? No. Your message to fathers who think like that -- don't do it. Don't do it. Don't buy it for your kids. Don't buy it for yourself if you're driving a car at all with kids around. His argument was might as well that they learn at home and -- absolutely not. If they learn something they'll learn something that you're not going to drink and drive and you're not going to buy it for them. That's the lesson you should teach them. Yes, sir. His final words about our cool dad. I was afraid you were going to get physical with the guy. If I was in maryland, i probably would have. I'm glad we're here. Have you had a drink? No, I have not. Because his face looked like it. He's a good actor. Good guy, man. Good job too.

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{"id":17410461,"title":"Dad Pressures Underage Son to Buy Alcohol","duration":"3:00","description":"Will anyone speak up when a father urges his teen to buy booze?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/dad-pressures-underage-son-buy-alcohol-17410461","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}