Disruptive Yoga Student Makes Class a Nightmare

This "WWYD" setup tests students' patience when a yoga student and yoga instructor disturb the peace
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Disruptive Yoga Student Makes Class a Nightmare
Still. Good for the body. Good for the soul. It's an intense physical challenge that can take you to be -- You remember meditation you're going to be -- dance class. Unless this guy's -- -- class -- things coming back. If Kevin is disturbing your practice. So that's what medical field. Your precious time to relax I am a peaceful warrior and work out. What would you do. We're getting vendee he had willow center board to find alignment in Staten Island New York. And we're testing more than these yogi some flexibility. But also there for patient. Of course Kevin is an -- Let's do that and today he's being directed to just -- Pressing back down -- down. Monticello and -- and -- how. Yeah. And now. A. He's got a sound effects mourn every polls right down to bring -- to warm. -- -- real yoga poses but he's got his own version of this was. And for all you might -- bands out there. For Pittsburgh Steelers to look like -- working. -- This woman works herself. Right up the door. Meanwhile heavens animal instincts take a turn coming up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what's the last fall when this man power yeah cartwheels. That's just -- yogi. Time to let the rest of the -- know they can stop folks this is what -- -- -- -- yeah yeah. -- -- This is. Returns after did you think this -- normally works I thought this is my block. Lucky for Nicole her next class is on up. -- -- -- practice today we're at it again and Kevin is dedicated to his stern. But -- can't I just. -- -- I don't feeling good yeah. Curry special effect from -- and really really hot sauce from. Yeah. She seems gain to laugh at all but what -- he takes class time to ten do his -- -- signing up what it really pulling your body longhand and she looks horrified and hate mail. And when he starts throwing them over his shoulder -- She decides to throw in the towel. -- you don't. She gathers her daughter and needs -- But before they can get out the door her job. What would you. You watch this show. -- -- -- He's not a good thing is Nelson. Behind -- I. Leasing business has some -- -- good luck. Walked out I didn't know what else is. Be up to this continent did little kid I didn't. Since just. I don't yeah I gave him very clean. Military Henderson and Kevin this method acting again. -- -- -- -- No one takes in my format. I am a peaceful and error but what if he confuses this court karate class and us. If looks could kill these wounded but will anyone go to combat within. -- -- I am sorry that -- -- -- it page. She's running as she says she was trying to help -- good teacher who's also -- Still -- better future. OK and try to hang -- there -- reflected. The -- situation room. Person who's doing okay. Yeah.

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{"id":21172138,"title":"Disruptive Yoga Student Makes Class a Nightmare","duration":"3:00","description":"This \"WWYD\" setup tests students' patience when a yoga student and yoga instructor disturb the peace","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/disruptive-yoga-student-makes-class-nightmare-21172138","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}