Would You Fall For That? Anchors Away

A faux news anchor asked passersby to sub for a late expert. Did they demur or grab the spotlight?
8:34 | 08/09/13

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Transcript for Would You Fall For That? Anchors Away
Hi I'm they -- from ABC newsmen here at my friends cheered and skill and tonight we're gonna venture out into the real world to. Unlock the secrets of human behavior. So psychological experiment and people who happened at passes that. -- And Laura I welcome to a musical ASE guess everything sunny Washington Square Park. Yup that's me during a live report for Scottish morning television -- The world famous -- apologist and best selling author. Doctor -- mean dogs ran on page 64 your book you say that we're joined here by doctor -- They don't just call came from -- from radio and we don't wind up in your last good. And he's also -- to -- them -- anything is possible. And on page 64 -- -- of the real stuff from rate at least ten. That would be possible because this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a grand all of our lives. What I'm really doing and that's very unfortunate time -- is an experiment in how we get other people to do what we want. We'll random house there's by helping. Perpetrate a gigantic fraud will they pretend to be a world famous climate -- -- -- on television. First we need people to believe we are -- TV show. Respect that we set up just about every piece of equipment in anthrax. Of course would not live TV show. I should do it. -- Today go to work finding people to help us we're. TV segment over here for hello Scott -- the story is that Arab guest is -- and so they may fifth. Reasonably simple request -- City Elliott -- or click the -- I don't think -- -- we're using one of our favorite psychological techniques known as. In the deal which is a step by step process to -- single you want. They're just -- random people and ask them to lie for you online television or even in New York City know. Foot in the door requires -- -- of patience. Stars. Smoltz isn't -- -- crass and it works we get people in the chair Nancy law school graduate. And where dogs ran as. They is that the person -- risk -- -- -- yes especially to us about the weather and when -- when I'm taken what they say yes and personal requests. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Help oh and it begins when Nixon and you're more likely to comply with the bigger with questions linger -- -- -- the first. Big tent Jordan Nancy said yes to sitting next to means that we can adjust the lights -- Remember we won't hurt to help me sell a lie on live television for -- fast -- we need -- crisis. And create what Aaron world renowned expert. His notion these same things got food poisoning. You can profit well I told him buckets here but he wants own pocket I don't know the guys we want. And CC crisis as -- chance to escape. This made me. Problems -- it. But we do -- you Nancy and we got 1130 now rely manga and Angus gonna kill. So to increase the effectiveness of the foot in the door techniques we make her believes he's helping us and with a terrible. Potentially career ending Jack we gotta go somebody -- -- -- about the weather. -- this is and I had already. Outside -- -- -- -- were so I think that's a lot of knows Nancy is so rattled. She can draw your computer just dropped like computer but I keep my -- In the doldrums no one's gonna say in this -- -- 3 o'clock in the morning over the and -- and make this latest requests and almost trivial. I was gonna say is nice -- and you know you talk about the weather and it's -- You really really sure. You're watching social science and we're all -- earlier little yeses now making a big problem to give a definitive no. So she doesn't. This is a new one are you sure. Thank you. More -- and -- and -- hello from day very sunny Washington Square Park were joined by a local resident told us by the weather. It is yeah lovely and we've been okay leg is national need deep into the door trying to push bull away and Nancy has no idea I'm -- back seat she's willing to I tend to be famous climate scientist. -- -- When you never seem to know whether the weather's do what you think it's always used to jail on them but don't rain I mean on the one -- -- for review book that you mentioned in 2016 is probably when. Arctic ice cap is and is this in summer do you stick -- -- prediction interface. Who put him. I guess I do an -- how -- you -- -- -- also -- assertion on page 86 within. Eight years in Edinburgh is going to be as -- as -- -- year rank and and that's that some bold statement. Certainly it is. But. That seems to be the way things are are moving thank you very much to -- in -- more like. Axiom in this union. She -- she went along with the lie and I just thought yeah. As if she wasn't alone the foot in the door technique. Really. Works that's -- and it's. So we don't read don't derail don't derail what is next -- I heard rumors are you planning to spend eight months in -- -- ice -- out there and is that -- to have do you have the funding. I think we are finding right now. But I think this is what happens in -- And we don't strain on page 64 do you suggest that the Arctic ice cap is going to be completely gone by the summer's 2016 would you stand behind them -- assertion. And since. I'm not really shared -- what the book was about this she thinks about pulling the plug. Bonds don't drain I mean it didn't -- -- and climate change would you stick by that assertions that. By some countries sixteen guys haven't begun. Sure -- literally. We don't -- in your last book you claim that the polar ice -- innocence right by the summer when he's sixteen he's standing -- them. -- solid research in this. I thought we were talking today clearly might tie it and called it quits and then along came -- -- professional cameraman. When Barcelona and don't derail you gonna make the interview he jumped right in to offer help yeah he -- are coming -- -- -- -- -- -- Why. So instead of going slow putting distance but in the -- when. We jumped to its rights and against doctor reverend doctor Iowa but principals conduct as well -- -- yeah. And Laura were joined there by don't from trailer you have set a new book that within eight years of Edinburgh could be as warm as -- Would you stick by them fabulous the session. Absolutely then what about the idea in the by the -- of 2016 we might see a total disintegration of the polar ice cap in the summertime. Five I believe that's very plausible what -- -- say that evidence could shows that. Aaron fake doctor regular -- -- lost and talking about and his didn't. Being in good gone on Wednesday morning -- I needed to create another -- story just didn't just end the interview that the studio is asking us to go back because. They have a breaking news situation -- taste laying in a more active five from a very sunny and Washington Square Park. Rumors -- an offense and that's that I I think is that it has find anything less than ideal -- of those planes wells -- -- middle. This -- adjusting. It's called acting you got to do. -- -- and that -- the toughest part of my performance I have had a little America for regular is that they were current. I don't think she worked for Scotland this is for ABC's. Social experiment I so you'll face. I would argue about. Atlanta. But we'll tell -- dollar home laughed and said this is no doubt about it let's you -- within the rovers are -- and black. No it doesn't want to call -- doctor Ellen please don't trick. Why do you find it. You look like you are an example. And remember if anyone else to new threats simple flavors make sure they're not really --

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{"id":19922356,"title":"Would You Fall For That? Anchors Away","duration":"8:34","description":"A faux news anchor asked passersby to sub for a late expert. Did they demur or grab the spotlight?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/fall-anchors-19922356","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}