Would You Fall For That? Celebrity

In Times Square with a fake celebrity: Will people be tricked by clothes, "fans" and "paparazzi?"
8:16 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for Would You Fall For That? Celebrity
All right, I love this one. Sasheer, let's imagine you are a megastar. Well, I kind of am, because of this show. Yeah, but I mean I'm talking like beyonce big. Oh. Social science tells us that with just a few props, we can make people believe you are an international superstar. Oh! What about me? Yeah. Um -- here's sasheer's rise to stardom. We set out to test the idea that if we surround sasheer with all the trappings of celebrity, people will buy into it and treat her like a rock star. Wondering how anyone could fall for this? Well, it's called the power of hype. In situations where people are unsure of how to act, they generally just go along with the crowd. To get it right, we had to make sasheer look the part. So, we dressed her up like a pop music icon. Clothes, the makeup. And, to top it off, the wig. Oh, very diva. In little less than an hour, a little hair and some paint, make a girl what she ain't. Oh, boy. We got a pop star here. Scott agreed to tag along as sasheer's pretend publicist. Sasheer is all dressed up with somewhere to go. The crossroads of the world, times square, new york city. Sasheer! Since no pop star would be caught out in public without an entourage, we called our friends to help us out. She can sign a few autographs. Just a couple of minutes, okay? And since nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, we recruit our staff to be fake paparazzi. Sasheer, will you sign this for me? One at a time, one at a time. And fake fans to go wild at the sight of her. Really quickly. Just take a picture. Sasheer! Oh my god! We love sasheer! And in less than a minute, a real crowd forms. One at a time. One at a time. Everyone will get a chance, all right? We got a few minutes here. What's her name? Sasheer. How do you spell it? Do you know? She's a singer, right? What's her name? Sasheer. Oh, that's the one. Do you want a picture? A real fan pushes through for a photo. Thank you! And just as the science predicts, a bevy of fans surround our not so superstar. Love you! Oh, thank you. You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Oh, thank you. What is your favorite song of sasheer's? Everything. You have guys are making my day and my trip. Thank you. Now, keep in mind, sasheer is definitely not an international pop star. But the surrounding hype has made nearly everyone in times square a believer. Two more photos. We got to move it along. The loudest person will get a photo with sasheer. What do you think of her new single, "falling for that?" Excellent. I love it. That's my ringtone. This is her ringtone? Please stay to her left side, please. Please stay to her left side. So far these fans, and I use that word loosely, have truly bought into our phony celebrity. So, how far could we take it? That's great. You have a good one. Thank you, you, too. We looked to the real stars for a little inspiration. Howie mandel is afraid of germs? Well then, so is sasheer. Would you like to come in and get a picture? All we need is that you hand sanitize. She has a big tour coming up. Sanitize, sanitize. Britney spears gets a security escort. Sasheer does too. We have a pop star on the island. She needs to be able to go up to the top. Her name is sasheer. She's beautiful. J.Lo would never wait for a table at a restaurant. Well, neither will sasheer. Excuse me folks. Do you mind if sasheer sits down? She's very tired. Is it okay if she rests? Thank you. Do you mind if she sits down? Is that okay? Thank you so much. And, of course, no real superstar could bear the burden of holding their own umbrella. One, two, three! Sasheer. So, when scott takes a call, another twist of fake, sasheer requests reinforcements. Could you just hold the umbrella for him? I have to take a phone call real quick. Oh yes. Thank you. You're being a big help. Thank you so much. This woman not only holds the umbrella, she looks honored to be doing so. If sasheer was actually a celebrity, this woman might just make the entourage. Ma'am, just raise it up a bit more. I'm too short. It was lovely. And I told her that my granddaughters, they all know her, so, I wanted to get a picture and I'm going to e-mail it to them. Ah -- that will be a disappointing e-mail. And it doesn't take long to find another quote unquote real fan. This street vendor sells us a story of her own. Is my picture here? Your pictures? Don't have today. Not today? So you usually have pictures of sasheer right next to like the beatles? I have pictures of sasheer BUT RIGHT NOW I SELL.VS x Unbelievably, she says she is sold out of sasheer photos. I have every day, I sell this new pop star. This guy is a real member of the paparazzi, a pro. Even he is falling for it. And the man who makes a living shooting other people's faces won't let us show his face. There's something ironic about a camera shy paparazzi, now isn't there? So, it's time to push the social experiment one step further. Is it possible to get her in the truck, maybe? Having her serve a dumpling or something? Sasheer is serving the food and her fans are dishing the compliments. Hi there. I'm good, how are you? I said, I'm going to tell everybody that I saw you in person. And you're more beautiful in person than you are on television or anywhere else. You are fabulous. This lady just might be sasheer's biggest fan. Do you love her music? Yes, I do. It's absolutely wonderful. Do you have her album? I'm going to go over and buy it now. Where can I get it from? She actually signed my dumpling box. How cool is that? I'm going to keep the box. I hope she's not planning to sell that dudumpling box on ebay. What does your daughter think about sasheer? Oh, she talks about her regularly. She talks about how great she is, how fabulous her music is. It's time to break the news that the dumpling serving star is a fake. You're kidding. I thought she was like the biggest celebrity ever worldwide. I fell for it. Don't worry, so did pretty much everyone else in times square today. Oh my god! The thing is that I read a lot of magazines and I thought she was one of them, so -- you got me. I think that's great. Did you fall for that? Yes! I fell for it. I can't believe it. Thank you times square. Bye! I love my fans! So, would you have fallen for that? Or do you think you're too clever? We're on twitter right now with #wyfft. Hashtag. Reminds me of hash browns. Let's get breakfast for dinner.

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{"id":19859234,"title":"Would You Fall For That? Celebrity","duration":"8:16","description":"In Times Square with a fake celebrity: Will people be tricked by clothes, \"fans\" and \"paparazzi?\"","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/fall-celebrity-19859234","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}