Would You Fall For That? More Change Blindness

The show went to the Intrepid for more proof we don't notice what's in front of us.
5:17 | 08/09/13

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Transcript for Would You Fall For That? More Change Blindness
Remember "the wizard of oz?" You know, dorothy and her famous red slippers? Did you just notice anything weird? That she wasn't wearing those red slippers in that scene right there? In "pretty woman," one minute julia roberts is eating a croissant, the next a pancake. It's a dirty little secret hollywood's been relying on for years, something called change blindness, which means most of us will never notice their unintentional slip ups. My favorite movie, "top gun" -- tom cruise with no shades, man hug, shades appear. Carrying on the "top gun" theme, today we're on board the aircraft carrier the "intrepid" to test this incredible theory that human brains are wired to often not notice changes that unfold before our very eyes. Michael from pennsylvania thinks he's here to just answer questions about memory. So in terms of observation, what were you doing at this time yesterday? We were driving to new jersey for sushi. Okay, what did you have lunch the day before yesterday? We skipped lunch. Had light mexican. Light mexican. Very nice. You passed the test. Thank you so much. You qualify for a free t-shirt, michael. And now our experiment really begins. Let me get you a t-shirt. You look more like an extra large kind of guy. Yeah, just about. He has no idea what just happened. Do you? Please fill that out. You look more like an extra large kind of guy. Mark, our producer and scott, just switched places. Have you noticed anything else weird going on, michael? No. Scott been nice to you? Yes. How about the other guy? Remember him. No. Now remember, we're asking them about memory. So they're thinking about memory. Surely, they're hyper-aware? This is nikolas, a sailor in the swedish navy. Claims he's good at remembering faces. Let me get you a t-shirt. Yeah, thanks. Size large. Yeah, I think. Do you notice anything odd happened? Nothing out of the ordinary? Not really, no. It feels like I should have. But -- did you notice that someone else gave you the form to begin with? That guy. No, I was sure it was him. It wasn't? Really? He didn't notice. A lot of people don't notice. It turns out we all suffer change blindness in one form or another because our brains just can't process everything we see. Did you notice that? What about kids? They have the attention span of goldfish, right? Cell phones, texts, who will be their prom date? All that stuff. Kalista here is 15. Amber is 13. Now, you guys are quite young. You must have good memories, right? Yes. What was my name? Nick. Finally, someone remembers! Do you remember faces or names more? Photographic memory. Really? That's aold statement. Will that photographic memory lose focus at our change blindness kiosk? What size t-shirt, you guys? Do you have youth large? Yeah, let me see. Do we sign this? We have small, not youth large. Is that going to be an issue? Wait, what happened to the other guy? Huh? Yeah, what -- what? Other guy? Is everything all right? That's not the same guy. Where is the other guy we were talking to? What was it? The beard? They just look so much different. Exactly. And here's the sad truth. Change blindness gets worse as we get older. Because, well, we lose an average of 100,000 brain cells every day. May I ask how old you are? 75. Fill this out. What size shirt do you wear? Well, I would like large. I'd like to give it to my great grandson. You said large, right? Yes please. You only want our age if we are a minor? I believe you are above the age. She's blind to change. He is a good looking young gentleman. He is. Is he better looking than the other guy? Than who? The other guy. That guy? Oh, I didn't see that guy. Most people don't get it. 7 out of 13 people fell for it. Did not notice the switch. Next time you're watching a movie, try really hard to notice the mistakes. Like "spider-man," peter slings a web and smashes a lamp. Seconds later, a miracle, it's back in one piece. You might never enjoy a movie the same way again. We're sorry. Coming up, the snooty mater

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{"id":19922507,"title":"Would You Fall For That? More Change Blindness","duration":"5:17","description":"The show went to the Intrepid for more proof we don't notice what's in front of us.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/fall-change-blindness-19922507","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}