Would You Fall For That? Elevator

A nod to "Candid Camera": The show used an elevator to see if people conformed to group dynamics.
6:30 | 08/09/13

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Transcript for Would You Fall For That? Elevator
So, you walk into an elevator, and naturally, you turn and face the door. Right? It's just what we do, without even thinking. Here on "would you fall for that," we decided we had to pay homage to "candid camera." How this man tries to maintain his individuality. So right now, we are re-enacting their famous test of conformity. The elevator experiment. So, we found a nice elevator at the juilliard school and gathered our "would you fall for that" staff. If we turned to face the back of the elevator, would others follow? All right, in the blue t-shirt, that is nadia. She is an innocent passerby, has nothing to do with this. Everybody else in that elevator, they all work for "would you fall for that." They're all in on the experiment. They're all purposefully facing the wrong way. Nadia is facing the front. You can just see the back of her head, she is facing the front of the elevator like a normal human being. Everybody else is facing the back. We're playing this to you in real time, no editing, as it actually happened. Okay, floor two. Rebecca gets off, emily gets on. She also works for us. We're swapping people in and out to reinforce the behavior. Emily's acting like it's the most normal -- oh, nadia's turned. Nadia -- okay, her bag is slipping off her shoulder. She's nervously playing with it. Nadia's now halfway around. Will she go any further? Emily gets off, mike gets on. Again, mike works for the show. Presses his button. Faces the back like it's the most normal thing in the world, like he does it every day. Nadia is really feeling the pressure right now. I am not going to see anyone else. Scott's making some small talk. He was on "celebrity rehab," I think. Oh. She's looking toward the back of the elevator because everybody else is. Floor four. Fourth floor, mike gets off, lauren gets on. Lauren also works for us. She's in -- oh, and nadia -- nadia has gone -- the fourth floor, nadia has turned all the way around. She's looking at the back of the elevator. That is not normal human behavior. Nadia is looking at the back of the elevator purely because everybody else is. Okay, you've seen it in real time. Let's play that for you again in fast forward. Nadia turning, turning, turning, turning, turned. Did you notice anything while we were standing in the elevator? We were all facing one way and we wanted to see if one person would do it. And you did it. Oh, okay. I was wondering why. You did it, yeah. So you were wondering why. But you just went along with it without even questioning. Yeah. Social scientists refer to this as the asch paradigm, when a person's own opinions and actions are influenced by the majority of the group. Lady with the grey coat, she is a civilian. Everybody else in the elevator is on our team. That is elizabeth. She's facing the front, as she should be. She's looking around. She's noticed that everybody else is facing the back. Looking around, wondering what's going on. This is a bit odd. Everybody else is acting like nothing strange is happening. Elizabeth is looking around like something very strange is happening. We're on the second floor. She's slightly turned. She's turned. Look at her shoulders. She's not facing the front anymore. She's moved. Emily gets on. Again, she's with us. Presses her button. Elizabeth looks at her. Emily faces the back. Elizabeth is turning. Elizabeth is turning. She's pretending she's just looking around, but that's a cover. She's actually turning as well. All right, we're going again. Okay, that lady there with the grey pointing up -- that's carin. She is the innocent passerby, gets on. Everybody else is in on the experiment. She presses her button. Immediately complies. She faces the back because everybody else is. You walked in and you started facing the same direction we all were, right? I actually thought you all knew something that I didn't. That's the crux. She bowed to the pressure of the group, conformed. But you know, it doesn't work every time. This is so weird that everyone is facing this way and I'm facing that way. We're on floor three for anyone who can't see. Is he being helpful or sarcastic? We're about to kick it up a notch. What if scott played some music on his phone and gradually all of our staff in the elevator started to dance? Would people get down while they're going up? ♪ okay, the man in the hat is looking at his phone. He's got earbuds in. And here's another angle on our stranger. He's going to cave. Oh, his head's nodding. His head's nodding. He's getting down. That did not take long. He has joined in the elevator dance party. Yep, there he goes. The shoulders are going now. He's getting into it. Head bobbing. Nice. He has joined in dancing because everybody else is. No rhyme, no reason, just moves. One by one, it seemed like everybody started to catch on, and I figured, I like a good dance party. I'm not going to be the one standing on the wall and not dancing. ♪ Would you fall for that ♪ ♪ would you fall for that ♪ that right there is social conformity. Thank you very much. So, would you have fallen for that? Or do you think you're too clever? We're on twitter right now with #wyfft. What does that stand for? "Would you fall for that," our show? We have a show? Wyfft. Next --

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{"id":19922451,"title":"Would You Fall For That? Elevator","duration":"6:30","description":"A nod to \"Candid Camera\": The show used an elevator to see if people conformed to group dynamics.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/fall-elevator-19922451","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}